V Rising is a game of survival of vampires, and, as in all games for survival, you need to create various objects to become stronger and progress. One of the items that you can make is cotton yarn. This leadership explains the entire process of manufacturing yarn and raw materials necessary for the manufacture of cotton yarn in V Riding.

how to get cotton in v Riding

As the name implies, cotton is the main raw material necessary for spinning yarn in V Rising. Cotton can be found in V Rising at cotton farms . You can collect cotton from different cotton farms to get as much cotton as you want.

If you are lucky, you will also find cotton seeds when collecting cotton. Although this seems meaningless, these seeds allow you to create your own cotton farms, and you can quickly and effectively receive as much cotton as you want.


  • Cotton growing places
  • How to make cotton yarn

V The growing places for growing cotton and cotton seeds

Cotton, as mentioned earlier, is found on cotton farms around the world. You can find a lot of cotton farms in Danly Farmlands Open for you to go and collect cotton for your pleasure.

In addition, whenever you find any other farm around the world, just look for white fluffy crops indicating crops of cotton. There are several cotton farms in the world of V Rising, and you can find and use them all to get as much cotton as you want.

Although it is very easy to get cotton from around the world, just going and growing cotton on cotton farms, on the other hand, seeds are not so easy to find.

Seeds appear in the form of rare drops from the plant that you collect. Thus, this means that you have a rare chance to get cotton seeds from cotton plants that you will collect from around the world.

Keep in mind that you will need to do a lot of agriculture before you see the first drop in cotton seeds. In addition, there is a chance that you will find seeds in buildings around the farms.

The…The Life of Cotton, I promise next time I will come up with a new name of series.

What seeds you get depends on the farm on which you are, which means that if you rob buildings around cotton farms, you will have some chance to find cotton seeds in chests in these buildings.

Remember that the seeds that you find depend on what crops grow on nearby farms. So, if you want to rob at home, make sure you are doing this in buildings next to cotton farms, and not on all farms.

how to make cotton yarn in V Ringing

Now you need another ingredient before you can start making cotton yarn, and this is first of all to learn how to make cotton yarn. To do this, you will need a cotton yarn recipe.

To get a recipe for cotton yarn in V Rising, you need to defeat one of the bosses of the game, a tailor Beatrice. Beatrice is one of the carriers of blood V, which you need to win in the game, and after the victory you will receive recipes for a loom and cotton yarn from Beatrice.

As soon as you have a recipe and you will collect enough cotton, you need to build a weaving machine . This is a workstation where all your cotton yarn will be created in the game.

For each yarn you need 20 pieces of cotton, which means that you need a lot of cotton to make a lot of yarn.

The main use of cotton yarn, which we currently know about, is the manufacture of eyes of twilight for promotion in the game.