In recent months, Twitch has been incorporating different measures to combat toxicity that users and creators of content live day day within the platform. Yes, your methods are not perfect and there is still a lot to improve, and twitch knows it. That is why they have now implemented a new complaint system with the objective that they can easily identify users who have improper or inappropriate behavior.

Through a new publication on its official website, Twitch revealed that this new system will allow users to report others more easily, and at turn, Twitch You can also determine more easily who really exhibit toxic behavior And those who were only reported without apparent reason. This new system will be implemented gradually in the coming weeks, but the _streaming platform has already explained more or less how it will work.

In what this system reaches, a new complaint portal was also opened that will offer a higher level of clarity and control over the reports. Twitch invites all its users to report any case of improper or toxic behavior, since they revealed having quadrupled the number of employees willing to respond to all these complaints.

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Editor’s Note: We can say whatever Twitch, but the truth is that the Streaming platform has been striving lately to improve the experience of all users, both those who carry out direct, and those who are directly. They only enter to coexist through the chat and other means. Hopefully these changes really work.