At the start of the third mythical plus season in WoW: Shadowlands, players had to adjust to some innovations that had a massive impact on the strength of the respective classes and specs. On the one hand, we were given the opportunity to create a second legendary, on the other hand, the animal sets returned into the game. Both not only ensured that the DPS and HPS have exploded, but also for a decent shift in the individual playing methods. Classes that were hardly taken to higher keys in Season 2 are suddenly desperately sought. Others, on the other hand, have lost their place in the sun.

We therefore want to take a look at the key stones in WoW: Shadowlands and take a look at which tanks, healers and damage distributors are currently most popular. But one thing is essential: in principle, all classes and playing styles in the mythical plus dungeons are playable and can also successfully complete the highest stones. We take a look at the distribution from level 15 to get a good mix of top players and us normally. For this we fall back on the data from

the most popular tanks in mythical plus dungeons

After there was mostly a tank class in the past season, which was extremely dominant, including the demon hunter or the warrior, this currently looks much more distributed in Shadowland. The protective paladin is quite popular due to its immense and very constant DPS, but many other classes can keep up well. Only the warrior is somewhat popular and little popular due to its weakness.

Protection paladin * – 26.1%
Wächter-Druide – 19.6%
Blood death knight – 17.6%
vengeance demon hunter * – 16.3%
Brewer monk – 13.3%
Protection warrior – 7.1%

If you only look at the distribution on the very high levels (from 25), the death knight passes past all other tanks. Almost a third of all tanks in this area are blood and death knights. This is not only due to the great damage, but above all because it does not need a healer, so to speak, the eternal problem of severe self -healing, which is increasing with increasing damage suffered.

the most popular healers in mythical plus dungeons

For the healers, the distribution is not quite as balanced as with the tanks. However, this is not because a specialization is so popular, but because two specs are so unpopular. Above all, the discipline, which is hardly used in mythical plus dungeons. But the monk is not exactly often represented. Holy priests, restoration druids and restoration shaman, on the other hand, are played approximately as often. The paladins are somewhere in the middle.

Restoration-shaman * – 26.8%
Holy Priest – 23.6%
Restoration-Druide – 23.2%
Heilig-Paladin * – 14.4%
Nebelwirker-monk – 8.2%
discipline priest – 3.7%

The immense strength of the shamans then slowly crystallize on the higher levels, which make up almost half of all healers here. The reason is relatively simple: Restoring shamans do enough healing and can cause healing in large sweaters. All other healers look pretty old against.

It continues on page 2 with the most popular damage divisors!

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