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When franchise mode updates will arrive

In our review of Madden 21, we have confirmed what EA Sports has been referring for some time: the franchise mode has not been improved and is not impressive. There is a myriad of ever-changing hashtags on Twitter on the part of fans indignant by the incapacity of the publishers to change the mode. In response, Electronic Arts begins to detail when and what to expect updates that, hopefully, will revitalize the mode in the latter opus.

What to expect in these updates

The mega-publisher said this summer that the change in franchise mode would be brought shortly in Madden 22 – which seems to be at the heart of improvements. You can take this as a good news, but this year’s game will only receive the smallest impactful changes. One of their most recent press releases indicates that the following will be seen soon:

  • Customizing Capabilities X-Factor / Superstar : The biggest expected change is the ability to change the X-Factor of each footballer. It is a wacky feature because the half-offensives will now be able to get QBs or defensive capabilities, but it is nevertheless a good thing.

  • User Interface of Player Card Statistics : Like all other current sports games, Madden 21 will soon offer baseball statistics sheets for each player. This will include statistics and weekly results, as well as the teams for which each player has played each year.
  • Setting the regression of development features : With many fastened players getting X-Factors so quickly, EA has promised to give “a good balance between superstar and X-Factor players when they progress on several years “.
  • Preliminary series support : This is a major shock. WHEREAS in the first update of the launch day, the mode will possibly get a visual indicating when and what teams will participate in the playoffs.

EA FINALLY Updates Madden 22 Again! Franchise Mode & More!

Keep in mind that developers said in early August that players will also see the logic of trade, with the presentation of the Super Bowl and the management of IA staff. Since they have not been treated since, these promised improvements will probably only be visible after the first major update.

Updates will come to mid-season

Although fans expect these features to be close to launch, waiting will have to continue a little longer. The September Electronic Arts gridiron notes affirm that the first of the three updates should be published in November. It is very likely that the playoff support function will take place in this first series of corrections, as the NFL playoffs usually start from the end of December in early January.

For those who wish to start a franchise without these updates, rest assured that all the new features added will automatically be implemented in all current franchise backups.

Pokemon Go: How to change your name

Pokémon Go is still craved for years after its first publication. Since publication in 2016, her taste in terms of nicknames may have changed anything, and they now itch for a new name for their profile.

If you follow our practical guide, you can most easily find out How to change your name at Pokémon Go!

I have to rename it all!

The first thing you want to do is Open Pokemon Go by pressing the icon on your mobile device. After you open the game, let it load it, and as soon as this happens, you want to press the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen.

You can see all your various options as soon as the pokeball has been pressed, and from here you want to select Settings. It can look like a gear icon on the right side of your screen. Scroll down in the settings for a while and you will see a button with the inscription Change nickname . If you click this option, you can change your nickname, although this is only a specific number of times possible. There is no confirmed amount, but it seems that you can change your nickname to change 5 times before you tell you that you can not change your nickname anymore.

To summarize this easier

  • Open Pokemon Go
  • Press the poke ball at the bottom of your screen
  • Press the Settings gear symbol that is on the right side of your screen

How to Change Your Name in Pokémon GO! Full Tutorial and Guide
* Scroll down until you see nickname
* Select this option
* Enter your new nickname
* Press ENTER

With your new name you are ready to start your adventure with a new username, which you can also see your friends and family again!

To be able to explore the real world and find Pokémon that can catch free wildlife is an extremely addictive hobby. To be able to fight against gym and to control them and to find overpowering Pokémon, which is to be defeated, is still exciting and a great way to get out and to be active in the world around you. Customizing your avatar in new threads can also give you a good reason to try out the game if you were not a very enthusiastant Pokemon go player for a while, and give you new reasons to explore your neighborhood or to meet friends and take you with friends Some gyms in the larger city. Have fun, be sure and give your best to catch them all!

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