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Benzema objective does not count: that is what the rules say

Why Does Benzema Avoid The Ball For 3 Minutes Each Match?
With 15 goals and thus as a designated top scorer, Karim Benzema went right into the last game of this Champions League season.
And also Genuine Madrid’s goal scorer would certainly likewise have opened the last in Paris on Saturday with a goal.
In the 43rd minute, Benzema shot from the offside placement after the sphere of Liverpool midfielder Fabinho had crashed right into a fired by Fede Valverde together with Ibrahima Konaté.
The flag went high-doch did she rightly do it?
The line judge was just validated after a minute-long review by the VAR, Benzema’s hit did not count.

The question of whether Fabinho had actually deliberately played the ball or only blocked the round.
Primarily 11 it states that a gamer is culpable offside, “if the sphere (…) has actually been purposely prevented by an opponent”;
Not “if he gets the sphere from an opposing player who deliberately plays the ball”.

Vlachodimos in the team: Why should this be too optimistic?

Herrvlachodimos, 2018/19 and 2019/20 failed with Benfica each in the group stage. This season, she continued for the first time and now meet the FC Liverpool in the quarter-finals. It will not be better – or maybe?

No matter what these games on the paper statements: we live our dream this season and do not want to stop with it.

Why Oddiseas Vlachodimos Will Be A Big Transfer Target Next Summer • Goalkeeper Saves • HD 1080p
is not that too optimistic?

Why should that? We had a heavy group with FC Bayern and the FC Barcelona. Nevertheless, we have returned to Munich as second and have also prevailed in the second round against Ajax Amsterdam, which also belongs to the top teams in Europe. Now the next beautiful, heavy opponent comes to us, which we no longer want to tackle.

Do not you dear Villarreal or other adversary wanted?

We talk about the quarterfinals of the Champions League, from the best eight teams of the competition, the best throughout Europe. From here, no one is so easy to defeat. These are all heavy chunks, which is no less for everyone and Villarreal.

In so far ten international duels with Benfica, Liverpool comes to six victories and four defeats. Only once Lisbon was able to turn off the Reds, 2005/06 in the Obstelfinale of the Königslassemit 1: 0 and 2: 0. Bad that as a courier?

Liverpool has developed uncannily under Jürgen Klopp, and last brought the title against Tottenham in 2019 and is a pota preference. So we know exactly, with whom we get it to do and what we expect. But that’s at this level now part of the game. That’s exactly what it does. The duel with the best. We have already proven that we should not underestimate us. We will seek our chance to repeat history and we are allowed to dream.

What happened that Benfica and also personally liberate such an international season?

So far, there was something big. But this time we had made ourselves, absolutely at least the group to survive. Somehow we played in a run. The games against Barcelona have also given us self-confidence.

How is Liverpool stop, if anything?

As a team as well as individually Liverpool is the measure of all things. Every position is outstanding, alone already your forest row with Salah, Mané, Diogo Jota. Jürgen Klopp as top trainer. We can not allow ourselves to be so little mistake, must be wide awake and use each opportunity in front. And above all, we should always believe in us. We have already shown that we can be an unpleasant opponent and can also be annoyed or beating. Especially in front of a local audience in our witch chamber in Lisbon.

With Kostas Tsimikas, his sign left chest of Reds, they were last at the national team. Are you talking to each other or look at it when it comes to such a game?

Of course you talk to each other, but not about the game. And if, then, if necessary, trivial.

So they could not elicit my secrets.

Our coach and his team will certainly prepare well enough on Liverpool. My advice is not needed for this.

What does this game mean for you personally?

I am looking forward to the time-honored Anfield Road. I have never played there. A quarter-finals in the Champions League, in addition to the FC Liverpool one denies not every day. A childhood dream is true.

Many professionals dream of the Premier League. They also? The duels with Liverpool would be the ideal shop window.

The Premier League is special with its full stages and the incredible mood. At the moment I do not deal with such thoughts. I feel very comfortable at Benfica and in Portugal. My contract also runs two years.

In December you have been talking to Newcastle.

As I said, I currently only focus on Benfica.

Last summer Borussia Dortmund was also interested.

Everything does not matter. There is no reason to deal with other clubs or past.

In contrast to the premier class, it does not run around in the Portuguese league. Benfica has to fight hard around a place in the next Champions League season.

Unfortunately. Somehow we did not manage to bring constancy into our services. We left too many points, partly against less well-known opponents. But there are still some lots to be denied. I believe that we still create it directly to qualify. We are allowed to and will not decrease.

The VFB manages it from its own power.

Odysseas Vlachodimos

It’s called Roger Schmidt, who trained, among other things Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga, will be in the summer of new Benfica coach. Do you know him?

We have played in the qualification to the Champions League against him and the PSV Eindhoven and of course I know him from the Bundesliga. At present, however, our focus is on the next games. Nelson Verissimo is currently our coach and will hire us as usual very well.

They left the VFB Stuttgart in 2002 as a professional freshling, have prevailed in Portugal, with Benfica, among other champions and cup winners, play Champions League and in the national team. What’s next?

We’ll see. The most important thing is to stay healthy, I always give my best and attempt to develop myself. The rest results automatically.

Your home club Stuttgart bangs around the Bundesliga belonging. What would you want more: that VfB creates the league or that Benfica reaches the semi-final against Liverpool?

The VFB manages it from its own power. Then I have a wish free… right?

Champions League | FC Bayern guest at RB Salzburg: Here is the game live in the TV and stream

On Wednesday evening, FC Bayern starts the only remaining German team in the K.O.-Phase of the Champions League. The Munich are visited from 21:00 clock at the Austrian serial master RB Salzburg. Where is the octel finals of the royal class live on TV?

The Bavarians start as a clear favorite in the K.O.-Games against the Salzburg. In the group stage, the German record champion was the dominant of all 32 teams in the previous Champions League season.

All six games have been recovered so far, achieving outstanding goal difference of 22: 3 hits. In the axle finals, the red bulls from Salzburg should now also be only one through station on the way to the first Henkelpott profit since 2020.

In the Champions League, the two counterparties made only last season for the last time. Both group games, FC Bayern could decide for themselves and win the duels clearly with 3: 1 and 6: 2.

Where is the game RB Salzburg vs. FC Bayern transferred?

  • The first leg of Bayern at RB Salzburg will be broadcast live at streaming service Dazn . At 8:30 pm, the discussion will start live on the spot from the Red Bull Arena in Salzburg.
  • From 23:00, there is also the game in the summary in ZDF in the magazine “Football: Champions League”.

Dazn reports on the game of Bayern at RB Salzburg as usual in the detailed live ticker.

Where are the other eighth-final games of the Champions League on TV?

In addition to FC Bayern and RB Salzburg, 14 more top teams from Europe have qualified for the secondary finale in the premier class. Also, the remaining seven games will not live live in the free TV this year, but are all just looking through streaming service providers.

RB Salzburg vs Bayern Munchen Prediction || UEFA Champions League 2021/22 | Eagle Prediction

Here are the eighth final first legs of the Champions League:

  • Tuesday, February 15, 21:00: Paris St. Germain – Real Madrid | Live at Dazn
  • Tuesday, February 15, 21:00: Dazning Lisbon – Manchester City | Live at Amazon Prime
  • Wednesday, February 16, 21:00: RB Salzburg – Bayern Munich | Live at Dazn
  • Wednesday, February 16, 21:00: Inter Milan – FC Liverpool | Live at Dazn
  • Tuesday, February 22, 21:00: FC Chelsea – Osc Lille | Live at Dazn
  • Tuesday, February 22, 21:00: FC Villarreal – Juventus Turin | Live at Amazon Prime
  • Wednesday, February 23, 21:00: Atletico Madrid – Manchester United | Live at Dazn
  • Wednesday, February 23, 21:00: Benfica Lisbon – Ajax Amsterdam | Live at Dazn

The return matches of the Champions League eighth finish find on the 8th/9. and 15./16. March 2022.

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