Valorant domestic tournament Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Japan Stage 2 ChallenGers Playoffs Day2 is over. In the fourth match ZETA Division vs FAV GAMING on this day, Zeta Division will exert its strength and win the Map Score 2-0, and will be held at Saitama Super Arena on Saturday, June 25. I advanced the piece to day4.

The editorial department interviewed ZETA Division’s Laz immediately after the game where the team’s cooperation was fully seen. We asked about their current environment and their thoughts on offline events.

―― Congratulations on participating in offline. First of all, please give me a frank impression.

Laz: Yes, I was able to come this far, but with the results of STAGE1, it is marked by many teams, and Japanese teams are getting stronger. ** I felt that it would be no wonder that I could lose anytime, but I wanted to do as much as I could. I’m glad I came here for the time being.

-ZETA, of course, has the impression that it emphasizes its foundation, but what kind of measures have you taken on the current FAV?

LAZ: Of course, I looked at how to fight FAV in advance and decided how to fight, but I also try to think about how much my foundation is. 。 It wasn’t going to be pushed, but I had the impression that I could win through my fighting ways.

――In yesterday’s BB match, it was quite close. Did the team change in the BB match and the development of the team?

Laz: The way of fighting BB is something I have never seen before, and it is definitely required. I knew in the middle of the game that I couldn’t win even if I fight in my own way, so I was able to talk about measures during the match, and I was able to conclude and do it.

――― A fairly speedy attack was noticeable, but was it one of the aims to take advantage of the neon?

Laz player: It was very strong that Neon assaulted, so I think it would be the fastest rush system that I thought it would be acceptable while looking at the other party’s way of fighting. 。

――While watching a speedy attack, I remembered PRX. Did you have any conscious parts?

LAZ: I feel that it was just a fast speed and it was our way of fighting. I think it’s a very polite and very delicate fighting style.

――Whose there was a scene that came before Guigui with the physical player, how did you take measures?

Laz player: I knew in the previous information that fisker was led by, so if I could see Fisker, I went to respond to it immediately… I was discussing it.

――The Stage2 has changed significantly with the appearance of Fade and Jet Chamber’s nerf, but how are you playing on your own?

LAZ: I feel that it is interesting for each ACT. Overpower jets are nerfed, and some agents have not seen the sun. I feel that the chamber is a bit too strong these days.

――It was taken up by the trade mark, is it still strong?

Laz player: I think that the teleport is still broken. In the game, I think that trade kills are important in the important part, but it’s still too strong to be able to crush it easily. Head hunters are also very strong.

-How do you evaluate the finish and perfection of the current team yourself?

Laz: I think it’s 100 points in the sense that I’ve done as much as I can. However, I feel that the other team has issued a stronger configuration that I thought was this is strong, so I think that part was a little better. I think it’s about 80 points in the general comments .

――It seems like you are making changes.

Laz: That’s right, I think every team is the same. I think it’s really groping and everyone is not sure what’s strong.

-Next is the game with the spectators of Saitama Super Arena. What do you think?

Laz player: I’m looking forward to it. I’m really looking forward to the spectator tournament in Valorant. In the previous game, there was a spectator game, but even in the venue with 400 capacity, what was exciting or felt with skin was very fun.

―― Is it different if you have customers

Laz player: It’s just fun. ** I’m looking forward to the heat and excitement of the venue that you can’t feel without being there.

-Finally, please give a word message to your fans.

Laz player: Thank you for your support. Up to this point, I’m glad to be able to get out of the offline tournament first. I think the first spectator tournament will be a very interesting game, so I hope everyone can look forward to it.

Zeta Division has been searching for how to fight, but has won so far. Can STGAE2 get a ticket to the World Games? The next match is the Saitama Super Arena on June 25 (Saturday), and the team NorthEption.

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