Cyber ​​Steps Co., Ltd. announced that the pre-registration acceptance was started at the smartphone game game “Black Stella iи: Fernø (Blackstera Inferno)” scheduled to be distributed in the spring of 2022 (Fri), March 4, 2022. rice field.

Cyber ​​Step Co., Ltd. announces that the pre-registration acceptance has been started in the smartphone game game “Black Stella iи: Fernø (Blackstera Inferno)” scheduled to be delivered in spring 2022, 2022, 2022 (Fri). To do.

We will also inform the first publication of the Teaser PV at the official site and the introduction of the image song of 3 songs and the start of the pre-registration campaign.

“Black Stella iи: Fernø” Pre-registration site

# Started pre-registration reception and pre-registration campaign!

From March 4 (Fri), pre-registration acceptance of “Black Stella iи: Fernø” has been started.

Furthermore, we will hold a pre-registration campaign that can GET the gacha reward including items for 100 times with the goal by achieving the goal together.

Acceptance of pre-registration can be done from the official Twitter (@blackstella_in) follow or the registered email address on the official site.

Official Twitter: https: //
Official Site: https: //

# # Pre-registration campaign that can get luxurious rewards is held!

Depending on the number of pre-registrants, a campaign will be held to present all players at the start of service.

If the number of pre-registered people break through 70,000, you will receive a black exemplary of 100 times a gacha. If you achieve more than 100,000 people, you will receive a character skin.

※ Details about character skins will be announced when the pre-registrant breaks up 70,000 people.

Other details on pre-registration, please refer to the official site detail page.

Official Site: https: //

# Teaser PV first published and introduce the world view of the game Song

The Tizer PV that is released at the official site is the content that can feel the world view of “Black Stella iи: Fernø”.

In addition, the image song of the three songs, which has been released in Youtube, etc. is also introduced at the official site, so please watch it by all means.

# # Tizer PV

# # Music information

“Revival zero”
MUSIC: Yugika
Illustration: Village Karuki
MOVIE: Manami Ayase

Music: IVE
MOVIE DIRECTION / Illustration: Sashimiyama
Text Animation: Red eggs
Composite: Maki no
Special Thanks: Kuroyuki / Metiya / Meat Meat Broul / Inuke Hideo

Vocal: NIA, RITA (Sync.U)
Music / Lyric: Crypt
Illustration / Movie: Saji

The Biggest Game Releases of March 2022

# A large number of updates are released during pre-registration!

In the future, we will publish the “Black Stella iи: Fernø” information at any time on the official Twitter (@blackstella_in) and the official site. There are a lot of information that can not be overlooked by the announcement of the character voice and the present campaign.

Check out the official Twitter in order to not miss the latest information.

Official Twitter: https: //
Official Site: https: //

# “Black Stella iи: Fernø”

“Black Stella iи: Fernø” is a gaming app that can enjoy a world view drawn with a heavy scenario by a luxurious creator and a unique character.

# # Creator

· World viewing setting
Takaro Suzuki “Girls & Panzer”

· Main scenario
Maruo History “I can grow her unrealized”
Nagatsuki Horio “Re: Different World Life Starting from Zero”
Inaba Shiaki “Rugarga Gum”
※ Many lighters participate in scenarios

·Character Design

Deployment Story

Starting with the mysterious large explosion that occurred in 1999, a series of major disasters that sway in Tokyo one after another.

Finally, Mamono, which appeared from a huge “hole” that swallows all of the Minato Ward, has begun to attack people….

And 2049-Tokyo was isolated from the world from Japan.

# Service Overview

Title: Black Stella iи: Fernø (Blackstela Inferno) Genre: Multilateral Real Time Battle Platform: ios, Android Release: 2022 Official Site: https: // Official Twitter: https: //

Company Profile

Company name: Cyber ​​Storage Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Suginami Wa Wazzen Izumi 1-chome No. 19
Representative: Representative Director President Sato
Founded: April 1, 2000
URL: https: //

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