Woogaming announced on the 15th that it would establish a new office in Serbia Belgrad and Poland, Barsaw, after deciding to withdraw Belarus with Russia on the 15th, to strengthen its global operating organization.

The new offices are the seventh and eighth European offices of Wargaming, following Nicosia, Bill News, Prague, Kiu, Gilford, and Berlin, with 400 employees.

Wargaming Belgrad accommodates overseas and local talent throughout the development and publishing fields, becoming a wargaming employees relocation hub located in various regions. Belgrad Office is responsible for providing core services and developing new products, focusing on World of Tanks and World of Warships.

Wargaming Warsaw Ba will start with the early small publishing team, and will develop additional development plans in accordance with the Wargaming reorganization process.

Warsaw and Belgrad are a city with tremendous potential in the field of rapidly developing technologies. We expect to work closely with these two regions to build the best game development and publishing organizations. Wargaming continues to move forward with a big plan for the future. Belgrad and Warsaw Office are essential to achieve our goals.


Wargaming supports local game talent growth through local internship program Wargaming Forge as part of the establishment of the Belgrad Office.