On June 29, BattleState Games has updated to Escape from Tarkov . At the same time, Wipe is being implemented to reset the player’s data.

Lighthouse (lighthouse) was expanded in patch In addition to visiting the island where the lighthouse is located, a new interior has been added to the complex facility of the water treatment plant facility. In addition, a new boss of Knight, Birdeye, and Big Pipe has been added. Both are ROGUES commander, cooperating with Rogue and suffering players. Knight is a leader and adjusts the behavior of the entire group. Birdeye keeps the distance to the player and ambushes the player in a well-visible position. BIG PIPE prefers grenade launchers and specializes in wide range of attacks. And he always approaches the player.

The bosses and other Rogue are likely to keep their positions while keeping each other’s distance. When either boss or Rogue finds a player, the player’s location information is sent to everyone wirelessly. Then, the bosses are ready to combat and are going to secure tactically advantageous positions. The maps where the boss appear is Lighthouse, Shoreline, Woods, and Customs. They are always wandering in these places, not in one place. If the boss is on any map, it will not appear on other maps. Their movement is random and no one knows which map to move.

And in this patch, offline cooperation game mode was also added. This game mode can only be used by players who have purchased the Edge of Darkness edition. Switch in the Co-op mode checkbox on the game mode selection screen. In cooperation mode, all settings of bot, boss, time, and weather are the same as online raids. Although the progress of the raids performed in cooperation is not saved, the used equipment will not be dead and lost.


Using the Start as a group check box, all players in the group can spawn together in the center of the map. When the check box is turned off, the players spawn like online mode. It seems that the number of people who can play the cooperation mode depends on the maximum number of players in the selected location. If the load is high, the number of CO-OP servers may be limited.

In addition, Daily Tasks in SCAV mode have been added. It seems to be unlocked after building an intelligence center (Intelligency Center) on Hideout, and can accept tasks every day from fencing. The addition of PMC daily tasks and a wide variety of adjustments and corrections have been implemented. For details, please check this patch notebook.

ESCAPE from Tarkov is on sale as a beta version on the official website.