Techland has disclosed the details of “ New Game + “, which is scheduled to be added in Patch 3 in “ Daiing Light 2 Stay Human ” Patch 3.

This mode is one of the new content that was considered to be introduced last month based on the request of the community and ultimately added. In the video released this time, Fish Ai’s Bartender Nicholas, the character of this work, will be interviewed by producer Julia Schsungkarck.

She says Shunkarck says she can take over the skills and equipment in New Game + and recreate the story. However, it seems that some night runner tools such as paragliders cannot be taken over and unlocked again because they cannot be taken over to avoid breaking the main game progress.

In this mode, the Parculing Challenge has been modified, and platinum medals are added as well as existing gold medals. In addition, 30 inhibitors are newly arranged, so you can further increase your status.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human - Ironheart & Fit as a Fiddle Trophies/Achievements
In addition, it is said that you can play with a friend who is playing “normal mode” in the new game + in CO-OP. There are differences such as not displayed on the friends (playing in normal mode), but it seems that you can always play cooperative play without any problems.

By the way, in this interview, not only the details of the new game +, but also this update reveals that the spawn rate has been significantly improved than the previous patch, making it easier to collect lootes.