Capcom announced on March 31, revision of the compensation system on April 1, 2022. Reorganization of Human Resources Related organizations and the new establishment of the Best Human Resources (CHO) will also be combined. The purpose is the purpose of promoting human resource investment strategies.

According to the announcement, Capcom partially revised the compensation system from fiscal 2022. For full-time employees, we introduce a system for providing 30% increase in average basic year (including raise) and a bonus payment that enhances performance interlockability. By the way, the average annual salary of the company has been reported in a securities report that it is 6034,000 yen (as of March 31, 2021. Including bonus and external wages).

When I raised the salary of employees in major game makers, Bandai Namco Entertainment was announced from April this year. In the case of the company, the basic salary of all employees is raised a monthly average of 50,000 yen, and the first order is raised from the conventional 23.2 million yen to 290,000 yen. This is to improve the ability to work with employee income stability (related articles).

Capcom declared to achieve stable growth over medium and long-term, as well as the management philosophy of “sensitivities created to be fragmented”, and declared to improve corporate value. On that basis, it seems to have decided to carry out this measure to concretely promote “relationship with employees” in the corporate governance guidelines.

In addition, with regard to the reorganization of human resources related organizations and the establishment of the highest personnel manager (CHO), we reorganize the personnel function to four organizations for the sustainable strengthening of the “developing power and technology that produces the world’s highest quality game”. Under the new CHO, “Development Human Resources Department”, “Development Human Resources Department”, and Improving Work Environment, and Enhancing Communication with Employees, “Health Management Promotion Department”, “Management Planning Department Strategic Team”, “Human Resources Business Department” works in cross-section, and establish a system that directs communication between management and employees.

Under these circumstances, Capcom will promote further development of environments that are easy to work for employees, securing and fostering human resources, and comments on improving productivity. The policy of Bandai Namco mentioned above is also seen that there is a similar aim, and it is interesting that the policy has been shown at the same time. It will also be felt that the goodness of both companies in the management of both companies. Capcom reported that sales and all profit items have achieved the highest sales and all profit items in the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 312. Capcom will continue to work on improving employee evaluation and development system in the future.

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