After the blamable from Italy in the World Cup qualifier, the former national coach Arrigo Sacchi has demanded a general rethink in Italian football.

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This is “culturally backward, there are no new ideas. The other nations develop, we have stayed at the stand of 60 years ago,” said the 75-year-old “Gazzetta dello Arrigo Sacchi”.

On the eve of the European champion had failed by a 0: 1 against the Krassen Outsider Nordmasedonia in the quality playoffs and missed the World Cup as early as 2018.

“The least guilt in this situation makes the players and the coach. The problem is in the system,” underscored the former selection coach, which had reached the World Cup final with the Squadra Azzurra in 1994. “Our youth departments are full with players from abroad, which are bought like fruits and vegetables, the clubs are most debilitated, the teams win outside Italy nothing more and nobody says something?” Sacchi asked.

Since 2010, when Inter Milan won the Champions League, no club trocal went more to Italy. “We are backward, and not only in football.”

Sacchi hopes that now in response, not just coach Roberto Mancini will be fired. One must be an example of nations such as Spain, their success on basic reforms. “We can not stiffen ourselves on the old patterns, we must not think that the problems we solve by sharing people. The approach that the idea must be changed.”