Techland has announced update 1.3.0 for the Dying Light 2 Stay Human zombie explosion, which will bring the new game+to the sequel along with new content and various corrections. The release of the upcoming update will take place in a couple of days, April 27, on all platforms.

New Game Plus Release Date And Information For Dying Light 2
Those who wish to play in this regime are waiting for new tests and 30 additional inhibitors to improve health and endurance. Also, in new mode, it is worthwhile to be more attentive to enemies, as they will correspond to the level of Aiden.

In addition, the players are waiting for new special meetings marked with gold marks and the quest “something big here” with new opponents. For their completion, legendary weapons will be given as a reward. And Parkuru fans are waiting for new platinum medals.

Update 1.3.0 will still correct some problems with the cooperative, fatal loops and FOV slider in Xbox Series X/S and PS5.