First Karstens Wishlist for Wrath of the Lich King Classic , then the currently running survey for your opinion on the Northend adventure : We already agree that the Blizzard officers will soon announce Wotlk Classic will. Maybe on 19 April 2022. Finally, there should be a big revelation event on the day eh , but for which only information about the new WoW extension has been promised.

Blizzard brings itself to position for Wotlk Classic

The chances for a timely announcement are good. Finally, we are closely approaching Burning Crusade Classic, but certainly the final “Sunwell” patch with the RAID Sonnenbrunnenplateau and the island of Quel’danas. In addition, Blizzard seems to be in position for the north end trip. A first survey on Wotlk went out of selected players at the end of March, and also happened on public test servers of Classic era.

The DataMiners of WOWHEAD have found a logo for Wrath of the Lich King and Burning Crusade in the data of the PTR after the last update. So it could not only expect an announcement from Wotlk Classic, but also the expansion of the era service for realms for the shard-welt Addon.

Possible features for the launch of Wotlk Classic

In the above-linked column we had already dealt with the question of which features could be available to the launch of Wotlk Classic. Here is our guess:

  • The maximum level increase from 70 to 80
  • Death Knight as a new class, including a new starter experience
  • Nordend with ten zones and Dalaran as a flying capital
  • 12 Dungeons
  • Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, ObsidiansAnktum and Archavons Chamber as an entry-level raid
  • Pvp battlefield beach of the ancient
  • Arenas in Orgrimmar and Dalaran
  • The new profession inscription customer and the associated introduction of glyphs

WOTLK Cloud Extractor Farming Guide 3.3.5
* Extension of the well-known talent trees
* Introduction of the successes
* At the barber you can make character adjustments for the first time in the game
* The port of Sturmwind takes up his work, in front of the gates of Orgrimmar and Untercity there are new Zeppelin towers
* Chance of hit, critical hit chance and tempo now affect melee attacks and magic
* Spell power now influences the damage and the healing of magic

In addition there are all the class adjustments and many systems / mechanics / item-relevant changes that have been implemented to PATCH 3.3.5. After Wow (Buy Now) Classic and TBC Classic, it seems that Blizzard will use this last WotLK patch as the basis for these fundamental things.

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