Chivalry 2 offers players the opportunity to choose their characters from two warring factions. Whatever their ideology, players have the opportunity to choose agate or Masons for presenting in Chivalry 2. If you are not sure of this choice, we will help you decide whether you should choose the agates or the Order of Masons in Chivalry 2.

Knighting 2 Agatha knights or the Order of Masons

The decision to take the side of any of the fractions is not a matter of life and death. You have the opportunity to choose the side at the beginning of each match. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to change the side in the middle of the match, provided that the teams are balanced and there is a place in another team.


So, if this choice does not have a serious impact on the game, why is this solution important? This is because both fractions are rivals and have their own knowledge, values and reasons for the struggle. In addition, we are talking only about cosmetics. Red is suitable for the Order of Masons, and blue-for members of the knights of Agatha. Or to order!

Here is the breakdown of both sides so that the players can decide which of them to choose.

Agatha Knights

Agatha knights are supporters of chivalry. They value religion and justice. Members of Agatha Knights are persistent supporters of birthright and heritage. That is why most agata knights from wealthy provinces. The agama knights are swore to the crown’s defenders and lost the civil war in Chivalry 1 of the Order of the Masons.

The knights of Agatha now returned to protect the crown and establish the king’s power again, and King Argon II led them, but this time they are less likely to show mercy that they previously showed.

Order Mason

The Order of the Masons is the Order of commoners who want to rise and pay any price in order to crush the restrictions of birthpoint and piety. These commoners were rallied by General Malrik after a defeat from the Tenosians. Members of the Order of the Masons believe in force, discipline and ferocity, and these are the driving forces of the Order of the Masons.

After the victory during the Civil War in Chivalry 1, General Malric secured the whole kingdom, and now he concentrated only on strengthening his army and crushing everyone who doubts the legitimacy of his reign.

Now that you know the story and plans of both parties, you can make a more balanced decision. You can take the side of the nobles and the Lords of Knights, taking the side of Agatha knights, or fight along with the once depressed commoners, joining the Order of the Masons.