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Such from The Borderlands will continue in 2022; New confirmed delivery

Gearbox Work on a new delivery of such from the Borderlands, the adventure in episodic format that debuted lepisodict 2014. Since the study it will come up with this year; They will share more news this summer.

“New adventure, new characters and new stories” , publishes the company in a brief Tweet on social networks. “A new such from the Borderlands will arrive at 2022 by Gearbox and 2K.” Tellanta Games will not repeat the developed controls, episodic it did occur with the original. You can see your first image below.

How wepisodic Tales from the Borderlands?

The original delivery of such from the Borderlands narraba an unprecedented story in the saga that takes place between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3 . The focus wepisodic focused on two characters: Rhys and Fiona. The first one episodicpired to replace Jack the handsome in the direction of the Hyperion Corporation. The young woman, on the other hand, wepisodic a scamper that she hid her intentions even her partner.

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“When a little turbid treatment is twisted, Rhys and Fiona must join reluctant forces to achieve their goal,” explains 2k in its official description. “On the way they will find ruthless mafiosus, cannibal bandits and a frightening wildlife. What options will you choose to guide your actions on this trip by Pandora in all the glory of it? “

In Meristation, we scanned the game with a 8.2 over 10 . During the conclusions we said that “leaves Borderlands’ fans satisfied.” “He respects at all times the game both visually and episodic far episodic the plot is concerned, making continuous winks to humor, the double meaning, the acid tone or the exaggerated situations that accompany”. You can read the full text here.

The initial absence of subtitle to Cepisodictilian wepisodic solved via patch. At this time you can acquire it in PS4, Xbox One and PC ; Playable in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S via compatibility.

Where to find an island of opportunity in Lost Ark

Island of the possibilities You can find north-west of the continent Artetin and to the southeast of Shushir in ocean spectrum .

Since this is an adventure island, it is only available at a certain time and in certain dates indicated on the Adventure Island Schedule Compass Rin . To find out when you can complete the adventure island, you can view the alarm settings and bring the mouse pointer to the island of features in the drop-down menu of the adventure island.

Travel Guide

In the adventure quest, Opportunity Island participants are asked to catch 250 golden crucies. The first player who scored this amount will stop the quest and will allow everyone to receive awards depending on which they were in.

  • 1st place Fisherman bag x3 and 2000 silver
  • 2 place – Fisherman’s pouch x2 and 1800 silver
  • 3 place – fisherman pouch x2 and 1500 silver
  • 4 place – Fisherman’s pouch x2 and 1200 silver
  • Award for participation – Fisherman’s bag X1 and 600 silver

breakdown island opportunities

When players arrive on the island of opportunities, they can find:

  • 1 seed wet
  • Merchant tools for trade skills
    • They sell tools for trade in newcomers 1500 silver apiece.
  • Isle of opportunity island
    • You can get it by completing a cooperative quest on the island.

In addition to the adventure quest, there are three more island quests that players can take advantage.

  • In the world of fishing
    • Awards – Rare Pouch to select recipes with combat engraving x2 and 5000 silver
  • Adding fishing pleasure
    • Awards – Rare chest with engraving recipes (only for class) x2 and 5000 silver
  • Cause of the existence of this place for fishing
    • Bravery +1, a rare bag to select recipes with a combat engraving X4 and 15 000 silver

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Are Tiny Tinas Wonderlands linked with Assault On Dragon Keep?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands game, which is a successor to highly appreciated DLC Borderlands 2: Assault On Dragon Keep, which was later released as a separate game One-Shot Adventure, occurs in the same world. So yes, both games are associated with and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, being the head, the action of which occurs shortly after the events of DLC, technically do the continuation .

At the same time, WonderLands is more specified experience with new knowledge and characters in addition. A completely new story, developing in the insane imagination of Tina’s crumb, means that the game, inspired by D & D, is built as to be two different worlds, despite the fact that events occur in one time scale.

Of course, mainly it means that you do not need to play Borderlands 2: Assault On Dragon Keep before going to the country of miracles. Both are autonomous experiments, and they can be solved in any order that you consider fit.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands comes on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC from March 25, 2022.

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