Studio TECHLAND in an exclusive press release for the Gamesradar + portal stated that on February 28, the number of copies of the zombie action Dying Light 2 Stay Human made up 5 million. In addition to this, the developers said that in the following weeks, users continued to buy a shikvel perfectly, and “the numbers significantly grow every month.”

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The studio also mentioned about the success of the original: the first part of Dying Light in seven years can boast 20 million copies sold. In general, the shoulders for the shoulders at the series today are 25 million sales, which is an excellent indicator.

In a press release, the developers team also reported that next week “a little new content” and “many features for all players” will appear in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. At the moment, it is definitely unclear what we are talking about – although Techland has previously stated that “seriously thinks” on the NEW Game + mode for the sequel, and maybe it will be released.