For coach Urs Fischer from the Football Bundesliga club Union Berlin plays a possible Schützenhilfe for the city’s Hertha BSC before the game against the VfB Stuttgart on Saturday (15:30 clock) no role.

Should one be done by a victory “The Hertha accordingly, that’s a circumstance, but primarily is about us,” said Fischer on Thursday. Fischer must probably do without the same four players Coronab.

The two midfielder Levin Öztunali and Genki Haraguchi were tested positively on the coronavirus, before the tests of goalkeeper Andreas Luthe and attacker Kevin Behrens had already been positive. The four are “certainly not available”, said Fischer, Luthe is to be replaced by Frederik Rönnow.

Stuttgart is an “active and robust team. They show character in a simple situation,” said Fischer. The VfB is currently rank 17, only one point behind Union city trivals. The Berlin derbies “I find exciting, they like me,” said Fischer.

Union Berlin - Hertha Berlin | Full Match | Matchday 12 – Bundesliga 2021/22

If you fall away with a descent of the Hertha, “it would be a pity, but it’s far from far not so far”. Hertha will “already see that you reach the league from our own power”.