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Debut gameplay trailer RTS The Touhou Empires

Phoenixx Games announced that in 2022 it will publish the Neetpia RTS-group The Touhou Empires on PC in Steam.

The Touhou Empires is a real -time fan strategy, inspired by the Touhou universe, in which the player leads to battle familiar characters and fairies with various abilities. As expected, the games of the RTS genre, The Touhou Empires focuses on collecting resources, building buildings and collecting the army. In addition to the plot mode, the game also supports a multi-user online group for six players.

【New Touhou Project Fan Game】The Touhou Empires【Under development】

The publisher has not yet called the exact release date of The Touhou Empires, but the game’s output should take place in 2022.

Is it a formal launch? Vampire Survivor 1.0 Version April Update

Based on an affordable price and high addictive, the ‘Vampire Survivor’, which attracted great popularity from steam based on easy game performance, it will be updated in April. Usually the 1.0 version refers to formal launch.

BIG UPDATE? This Weapon FINALLY Has An Evolution! | Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivor Maker Ponkle released the development roadmap of the game through the steam community site on the 25th. According to this, the Vampire Survivor 1.0 version ‘Arkanas’ will be released in April. In that version, a completely new item build and power creep are added. The currently scheduled 1.0 version build is equal to 24 characters, 48 weapons, 48 stores, and 20 per common map and special map, and are currently manufactured by 70%.

In addition, the maker said that the mobile version is also preparing. In fact, the vampire survivor mobile version was quite tested, but it is not easy to optimize, but the development is discontinued. The launch is expected to be after the summer replacement and improvement of performance issues.

Vampire Survivor is a retro-wind-style Logorik Top down shooting game that was released as a reservation of the steam last December. Tally, the enemies that come to the enemies that come from everywhere, and a long time is the main chores of the game. It is characterized by a combination of various skills and equipment that can be obtained through a level up or a box, and the like. It is often a good evaluation from steam gamers because it is often updated because it will not believe that it is an inexpensive price of 3,300 won.

Steam phenomenon: 3-euro

The small Indie-Game Vampire Survivors has developed on Steam a tangible phenomenon. But this is not just at the low price, but also at the incredibly motivating game mechanics.

Vampire Survivors: Simple, but awesome

More than 65,000 positive reviews on Steam and Fast 27,000 active players at the time of the emergence of this article – the retro survival game Vampire Survivors is a madness success!

Above all, this success has two reasons. First of all, the Indie-Game costs of developer PONCLE only 2,39 euros and secondly is the game principle simple, but ingenious .

You are looking for a game character and fought after endless hordes in different creatures. Your hero lends on record time and unleashes greater attacks that stretch the entire screen after a few minutes.

Doctors your figure, you can buy buffs with the won money, which give you an advantage at the next attempt. This is how fast develops the classic “a round is still” feel , as you become permanently powerful as a player.

The Best $3 Game on Steam? | Vampire Survivors

Easy to learn, but hard to master

In Germany, the indie-hit benefits mainly through large Youtuber how Handofblood , whose videos to Vampire Survivors reach several hundred thousand views .

But even in the English-speaking area, the survival game enjoys great popularity. So you can find on YouTube Various videos to the best tactics to survive as long as possible in the game.

Because as simple the game principle is, only with the right strategy and the matching power-ups the end boss can be defeated.

In addition, the Early Access Game is regularly updated with new content update. So even old hare will always encourage a new round to venture.

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