A new champion arrived at the League of Legends and this time is very special. K’Santa joins MOB as one of the most interesting characters to land in Summoner’s Rift in recent times. A to planer designed to be a tank hard to play and has the chance to convert their defenses into damage when ultra. The concept has made many players fall in love with him, and so you can try it smoothly, here you find your best builds, runes and some tips to make you work since your first game with it.

K’Santa: Runes, Build and Order of Items

Although we talk about K’Santa as a champion capable of inflicting large amounts of damage to opponents, he is not a character who needs to buy even a single offensive item . The grace of the champion is in his ultimate, which when used changes its shape and transforms part of the armor and magic resistance into damage. In addition, some of their skills such as Q (Too blows) or passive (wild instinct) have climbing based on additional defensive attributes of the character. In this sense, accumulating defenses is more profitable than any other option.

The first difficult decision with k’sent is the choice of item mythical. We can bet on buying the ice radius gauntlet or solar fire cover-be careful with the latter, which will no longer be a mythical when season 13 arrives.

Ice Radius Greene : clashes against duelists, asterisms and resistance-based champions in general.
Solar Fire Cover : Tank clashes to accumulate more damage than our enemies.
Resistance boots chosen based on our route opponent and the rest of the game members. If many of their enemies use basic attacks, steel galvanized boots; If the biggest threat is immobilization, mercury footsteps; If it is not clear, choose the one that best protects us from the enemy’s predominant damage.

Completing the build of K’Santa

After choosing mythical and boots, it’s time to add other resistance items. With the tanks, the story is always the same: press the Tab button to see what are the most dangerous enemies of the enemy team. Frozen Heart If the ad characters are majority and Strength of nature if the characters are predominant. If there are many enemy champions with only one type of damage, we can add a second specialized item with Rangoon or spiritual countenance The truth is that until the 2023 preseason arrived there is not much news.

What runes to use with K’Santa?

The truth is that the choice of runes with k’Santa also does not hide many mysteries. The champion benefits a lot of tightness of the living dead as a key choice in the determination tree . In part, it is because there are no other options that fit it. Since most of its climb is in armor and magic resistance, it cannot take advantage of conqueror, electrocuted or other alternatives. However, and although it is a forced decision due to the way the game works, the truth is that it depends a lot on how you want to play.

To complete the secondary options, we will surely go to demolish to destroy towers, conditioning to improve the climb and excessive growth with the same goal. These last two options can be exchanged for invigorating winds, bone armor or unshakable when playing against enemies with long range of attack or slow application. To top it off, let’s go to the accuracy , choosing presence of spirit to give very necessary MANA and tear has a great synergy with the ultimate.

Summoner spells

The most common option for K’Santa will be the combination of flash and teleport.

How to play with K’Santa?

The first minutes of K’Santa are not particularly powerful. Like most tanks, he needs his first base and ult to become a threat that opponents will consider respectable. In this sense, he can suffer against the natural enemies of the most defensive champions. However, the rhythm changes when it reaches level 6. Your Ultimate opens new combos options, the opportunity to make aggressive plays, and it becomes a champion almost impossible to divide.

Route phase

Before you get the Ultimate, our intention will be maintain the wave of minions away from tower , pushing with Q (Too blows) and avoiding conflicts. In case of problems, we can use W (path creator) to escape and reduce the damage received. This skill will have more offensive uses in the future, but initially the risk is not worth it. In addition, we will use the E (strong step) to move away after taking troops. In case of exchange, we have to make sure we have the wave to our advantage and an escape plan in hand.

Level 1-Q (Too blows) : Main skill to hit minions and exchange with enemies. If we reach two-time opponents, the third time will include a knock back towards K’Santa.
Level 2-W (path creator) : Perfect for getting rid of problems. Reduces the damage received and prevents group control. It makes us very difficult to divide. In addition, it shifts the rivals in the direction in which it is launched.
Level 3-and (strong step) : allows a little more mobility and does not have much cooldown. Perfect for dodging skills, taking minions or starting exchanges.
Level 6-R (unrestricted form) : Decreases resistance, but improves duel capacity remarkably. In addition, it moves the enemies in the direction in which K’Santa is moving to hit them and stun them. Connecting with a wall, both the champion and its target will pass it on.


Group struggles

In K’Santa Team fights can assume very varied roles, depending on the needs of the team. However, the most common will be to help our allies with more damage to survive until they can turn around alone and then use Ultimate in the enemy champion we want to annihilate. In the most favorable scenario, we always use Ultimate with half a lifetime and spent the W (path creator). This is because using Ult also reduces maximum life and resets the ability mentioned.

Despite everything, it is better adjust our role to team needs . There will be games where we do not need to go to the offensive as the carries are in a good position and others where if we do not take care of a particular enemy character the fight is impossible to win. One of the most positive aspects of K’Santa is precisely that it can adapt to the circumstances better than most League of Legends characters. This is one of the situations that makes you so hard to play.

counters and best opponents for k’Santa

K’Santa has difficulty against great duelists or other characters capable of winning the top route. Especially highlighted is the case of Flora, who can respond well to all her skills. He may also have a problem with heroes that neutralize him after using Ultimate, such as Mordekaiser, Poppy or Shen.

K’Santa will have good clashes against characters very focused at the beginning of the game, tanks that push the route naturally or those with more talent for group struggles.

Tips and tricks with k’Santa

  • The third activation of Q always pushes the enemies back to K’Santa. If r Position with e to adjust where enemies will stop.
    If the enemy gets too close to your tower you can use the third activation of Q to put them behind you. After that, use W to ing it even closer to the structure and r to prevent any chance of the enemy escape.
    Activate the Ultimate reduces maximum life by 45% and reset W. Try to take advantage of these two conditions and do not use R at the beginning of the fights.
    Try Use Ult when enemies approach the wall , because if you get in touch with it during R, you will cause more damage and both will travel further, isolating a duel.
    This last function can be crucial to escape from banks and still take a . Use r in the enemy near a wall and draw your own escape route.
    And can cross walls while the ult is active. Keep this in mind to escape or chase.
    Unless you want to do some kind of experience in the normal game, don’t buy a single damage item .