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Cult of the Lamb: Devolver Digital calls the first sales number

Cult of the Lamb did not come onto the marketplace with no improvement, as the developers needed to admit. The group is servicing preparing a variety of mistake adjustments, renovations as well as basic spending plan procedures.

A large thanks to every person that has actually come to be the faithful in the past 7 days. The group is expecting the future and also will quickly release a schedule for updates in honor of The One That Waits, the manufacturers stated.

Cult of the Lamb became a million seller in the initial week after the launch. As the author Devolver Digital as well as the developer Massive Monster announced today, the title was offered greater than a million times.

with 25 euros you joined this

The principle was well obtained by the testers. While the console versions of Cult of the Lamb are hardly appointed, the PC variation, based upon nearly 70 evaluations, pertains to a METSCORE of 82 The individual rating is nearly similar.

Cult of the Lamb places the players right into the role of a consumed lamb, which is preserved by an unfamiliar person from devastation and also is for that reason faced with a guilt. In its name, the lamb ought to construct a cult with a devoted fans.


Gamers that want to invest their money in Cult of the Lamb will certainly find, among other points, in the PlayStation Store, where the quantity of the concern is restricted. Since only 24.99 euros would love to have Devolver digital for the title.

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The principle was well gotten by the testers. The customer score is practically similar.

The activity roguelike video game Cult of the Lamb was released on August 11th for PS5, Xbox Collection X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Change and also computer. In the adhering to, an Accolades trailer released today is readily available for seeing.
| The four diocesans of the old confidence in the new trailer | New trailers offer the essentials and also characters .

GAME*Spark Review: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake -Sambreas

Super large expansion content of Monster Hunter Rise Sambreak ** This time, not only the Nintendo Switch version, but also the PC version has been released at the same time, and the maximum number of simultaneous users at Steam is about twice as much as Rise.

In Rise, not only adding means of transportation such as Gark and Sho insects, but also the lack of end-content, such as abolition of hot drinks and cooler drinks, is also performed. It was pointed out. I felt this problem, but this time, in this Sunbreak, the issue of Rise could be solved, and how was the new content feel? I will do it.

In addition, my history of Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter) begins with the first Portable. Since then, I have played most of the double cross, and in Rise, I was so addicted to complete medal and event challenge quests. In Sunbrake, we have cleared up to about MR100, and before the update Ver.10.0.2 distribution, we have cleared the quest Raijin once, so we will introduce the difficulty of comparison with this ending. increase.

Please note that this article is a review based on the play in Ver.10.0.2 , and may include a different part from the current distribution version.

Comparison with Rise-About difficulty

The Sunbreak released this time is an upper version that adds the MR (or G-class) quest that is becoming an annual Monhan series, but the difficulty adjustment is milder than the past work, and it is easier. I was impressed that it was not enough to be cleared.

From the viewpoint of monster firepower, if the equipment is prepared according to the progression, it can withstand three times even if you attack, so it is not much different from the top capture of Rise. Even after the ending, there are many excellent MR equipment, and it is possible to ensure firepower and improve survival capacity, so some players may proceed to the ending smoothly than Rise. 。

On the other hand, when I looked at the motion of the monster added in MR, there were few unreasonable things, such as I can’t avoid any struggle, but I noticed something flying up while attacking or running around the area. 。 Even if there is a gap in the monster motion, depending on the hunter’s weapon type, the attack chance may not be used well, and as a result the average hunting time will increase, so each monster between players. It is expected that the evaluation will be divided.

Did the end content improve ?

In Rise, Maka Alchemy was prepared as an end content after clearing. This element is a system where you can randomly obtain equipment (stones) with the skills to make hunting advantageous. However, in the past work, this system exists, and there are other ways to obtain a stone, so in Rise, which can only be obtained by Maka Alchemy, Rise is the inefficiency and options. The nothing but the neck was a bottleneck.

Looking at the specifications around the stones in Sunbreak, Maka Alchemy, which is released in MR, supports new skills, and the lottery rate of stones, which was useful at Rise, has increased. An item that improves the obtained pace, such as oil and Jingu Relaxing, has been added. The way to obtain a stone is still Maka Alchemy only, but it can be said that the efficiency has improved some improvement.

The details will be described later, but there are also elements such as puppet quests, so even if you do not completely solve the issue of Rise, it will be the same level as the past work. I felt it was.

** Matching in the lobby that I wanted to do

The multiplayer element of Rise is that you can start quests immediately by random matching Request for participation , and you can get through once and communicate before starting the quest Lobby . increase. With the former, you could play casually, and the latter had the advantage of interacting with users and consulting efficiently hunting.

However, when creating a lobby in Rise, all the recruitment texts are only selected from the template, so you can’t set the text freely, so you want to play with only specific weapon types. Difficult to call. In the lobby function of the past work, there were some things that were contrary to the public order and morals because of any recruitment sentence, so we could understand how to change to a template type, but as a result, the convenience was reduced.

Although the template options have increased a little in Sunbreak, it is a vague thing such as Let’s play with the master rank, and it is hard to say that it has improved. As an individual, I wanted to respond to the variety of templates, even though it was not possible to set free sentences.

Hyakuryu Yogyuki that has been left unattended

At the time of the release of Rise, it was introduced as one of the new content Hyakuryu Night. It is a quest that mixes tower defense-style elements with the original action game Monhan, and is a content that has a high degree of attention before its release.

When you open the lid, you can see Monhan, which emphasizes the replayability, the poor bite of tower defense flavor, and the difficulty of collaboration online that come from the unique specifications, and is still improved. I felt the quality of feeling room.

Although this content in Sunbrake is not added, it is completed by Rise at the time of the article release. The Hyakuryu Weapon, which can be made from the reward of Hyakuryu Night, had a function such as changing clothes to change the color of the weapon, and exterior change that turns the appearance into another weapon, but it is equivalent to MR. Because it cannot be enhanced to performance, it has become a function limited to Rise.

Other media interviews have denied the appearance of the MR version of Hyakuryu, but in Sunbrake, Monster and System are scheduled for updates, so brushes in the Hyakuryu Night Trade. Although it is impossible to up, it is expected that at least the Hyakuryu weapon will be leveraged in some form.

** Sambreak New Element Sex

In the Monhan series, there are many specifications based on multi, and the number of systems that take into account solo play is increasing as the work is released. Finally, Sunbreak has finally added Alliance Quest League Quest ** that allows you to experience multiple hunting in solo play.

This quest is a solo-only content that allows you to take NPCs for hunting, but there is also a important survey quest that allows you to freely select characters in addition to the fixed League of Combat Quest. In the latter, there are also powerful monsters that appear after the ending, so you can collect most basic materials with alliance quests.

In addition, the AI accuracy of the ally that you are worried about, but if you think that the success rate of the counter is high and if you think that you have left the front line, you will occasionally play with other players in multi. I feel the illusion as if I was. However, I feel a little annoying to use items that can be harmful to players depending on the situation, such as flash balls and gas gags depending on the situation. It is a regrettable point that you cannot specify the items used by the ally, so if you consider this point as a problem, you have to choose the choice of the applicable union will not be taken.

Replacement realizes diversification without raising new hurdles

In Rise, a system called replacement technique was implemented to replace the actions prepared for each weapon, but with the addition of Sambreak new action Replacement . During the quest, you can immediately switch the two-kind replacement technique set in advance. There is also a pioneer that can fill the ski after replacement with an avoidance action, and there are more options for players to take during battle.

Nevertheless, Monhan is a game that you often learn in the basics, such as items, sharpness management and map viewing. At the beginning of this action, I was pleased with the evolution of the game, but I thought in one corner of my heart, Can casual users arrive? However, I ended up being uneasy.

As a major reason, many of the replacement techniques are completed by them, and they are strong in synergies with other techniques, including those added in Sunbrake. It is said that there is almost no level of out of the question without a technique. There is no problem with MR capture without using Replacement, so I guess it was in a good position that people who want to use should use.

In addition, Fighting Competition , which is challenged with equipment and replacement techniques prepared by the game side, has a replacement technique for replacement for quests added from MR. At first glance, it looks as if the difficulty has risen, but in fact, there are many patterns in which one set has a biased replacement technique that is compatible with equipment, and it can be judged to some extent if you have the knowledge of the weapon type used, so it is a stuffed shogi-like. The side has been enhanced.

The armor is also upgraded in the second half-MR, so it can be said that it has been less unreasonable than the Rise fighting tournament quest overall. 。

Expected puppet quest expected for future adjustment **

The new system Puppy that suddenly revealed the existence the day before the release of Sunbrake. It is a system that corresponds to ferocious and extreme state in past works, which are different from subspecies and nushi.

A puppy monster is unacceptable, enhanced in both firepower and durability, and some attacks have added abnormal condition Blood Blood, like Puppet-like Mel Zena. The whole body becomes red and black.

However, the puppy evil has the advantage of hunters, so that the monster in this state has a red spots that can cause heavy damage when attacking and destroyed on the body part called pupped nucleus. Furthermore, monsters that have suffered a lot of damage during the puppet disassembly have more opportunities to appear in the offensive because the movement of puppet dying becomes slow, but on the contrary, damage is sufficiently damaged. Otherwise, it is also characterized by a powerful range attack called puppet burst.

During this quest, I repeat the cycle of puppet disguise → puppet dullness, but when I play it for a lot of gimmicks, I received the impression that it was not much different from the high difficult quest that was also in Rise. I did it.

The reason is that even if a system such as puppet nuclei and puppet hyperslinder is added, the durability of the monster has increased significantly, so the final hunting time does not shrink and the motion does not increase, so extreme stories. The feeling of it is just a hard monster if it does not hit the attack .

In addition, in order to avoid puppet bursts, we want to destroy the puppet nucleus and earn damage. However, depending on the weapon type, some monsters are installed in areas where puppet nuclei is out of reach or originally difficult to damage, so it may be more efficient to ignore the gimmick and attack weaknesses. It will be.

It is also a negative point that the dedicated dedicated dose of the dedicated reward available in the puppet quest is also a negative point, but in Ver.10.0.3, the puppy monster has been adjusted immediately, so expect to add content in August. I want to do it.

General comment

Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break is definitely a good work. ** There are definitely points to worry about, but the foundation of the game has been evolved and improved, and it is a very satisfying work overall.

As with Rise, various monster systems will be added in the update again, and there are also convenient equipment for breaking through the top quests required for the ban Sunbrake, so even those who have no experience in Monhan are action. If you like games, you should definitely play.

General comment: ★★★

good point
・ End content with improved volume for quests with moderate difficulty
・ League Quest with high operation accuracy and a sense of co-fighting
・ Replacement that expands the range of play without forcing use
Bad point
・ Elements around the Hyakuryu Night that is regrettable to leave
・ Specifications of the lobby that have the same problem from Rise
・ At present, a puppet quest that feels somewhat insufficient adjustment

The Fallout Treasure event 76 returns for the first time in months

Fallout 76 Players who have been anxious to pursue some mole merits and take the boot-gathered by creatures finally have the opportunity to do it once more with the return of the Hunt For The Treasure Hunter event. This event is one that has appeared several times along several fallout 76 special events and weekends, but it has spent a while since it was live in the game. Regardless of when it last appeared, it is available from now until March 28 and players can get additional booty during that period of time.

According to the Community calendars published for fallout 76 that they track different events as they occur throughout each season, the last time this event took place was on January 13. It occurred at the same time as the weekend of double mutations and, according to the most recent community calendar that covers from March to June, the double mutation event is running again at the same time as the Hunt For The Treasure Hunter Event weekend.

ALL Camp Plan Rewards From The Treasure Hunter Event! | Fallout 76
The last one inside the betout of Bethesda does not mention the Double Mutations event that will take place this weekend, but it does not highlight the Mole Mining event that is being carried out. It started on March 24, so if he did not catch him at the beginning, he is a bit behind, but that still leaves a long time to collect Mole Miner Pails and get some booty.

«Every Treasure Hunter that shoots will yield a legendary object and a Mole Miner, you can open to recover something from your boot for you,” said Bethesda about this event that should be quite familiar to fallout 76 players at this point if he has been present. During some seasons ». If you are looking for even more booty, you can create your own cubes of Minero Topo by buying empty cubes of your local train station for a few plugs, and then filling in any Tinker’s Workbench. Treasure Hunter Mole Mines will not remain on the surface for a long time, so be sure to track as many as you can before they take their rewards to the depths of the Earth. “

The next notable event after this is the great sale of Minerva, which takes place on April 7. Hunt For The Treasure Hunter will not return until June 2, so be sure to take advantage of the event while you can before it finishes.

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