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Forza Motorsport & Forza Horizon: Differences explained

Forza or Forza Horizon: Rounding races or exploration and adventure?

For many years, the PlayStation was the best choice for racing game fans, as Gran Turismo has been a classful since the nineties. However, Owners of Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC can also access race pleasure of the top class. Thanks to the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon.

These are closely related, but nevertheless completely independent gaminghen. The most important difference between the two series is quickly explained:

How different are the Forza Motorsport Games?

  • Forza Motorsport (often called only forza) wants to be a realistic racing simulation. As such, she sends her to real racetracks such as the Nürburgring, Silverstone or Spa. This is the most authentic racing feeling as possible.
  • Forza Horizon is playful and adventurous. As part of a festival, you explore huge areas of free ride and instead of professional round courses carry your races on highways, forest lines or beaches. The substantive variety is greater, the title is therefore not only aimed at inserted racing game fans.

Technically, Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon are very similar, only the driving physics are regarded by Forza Motorsport as something more realistic, as the series is rather towards simulation, while Horizon relies on arcade action. The vehicle selection is extremely large for both titles and overlaps over wide parts. The only downside: Some vehicles can not earn you, but you have to buy your DLC.

Due to the enormous success, both rows regularly get new offshoots: Forza Horizon 5 appeared at the end of 2021 and set new standards with the Open World in Mexico, Forza Motorsport will probably go around a year later (autumn 2022) in the eighth round.

How to get the hunting grounds “Pleinsong” in Horizon: Forbidden West?

The hunting grounds of the flat song check the feet of ela in three separate trials called “silent robbery”, “silent blow” and “testing of silent slip.” The use of a tree skills of the saboteur will help in this test, but there are many ways to hide from the machines for each test. Smoky checkers and barrels, full smoke, is an easy way to go through it without any problems.

Silent robbery

Conditions for Silent robbery simple, as they do not participate in battle. In this area there will be three cache with supplies, and the players will have to rob each of them, without being noticed in the allotted time. Scanning Machines with focus and Mark They will keep them marked. Tracking machines Tracking takes care that Elau also saw the machine patrol route. The use of flue checkers and various barrels around the Arena will allow an eloe to stay hidden enough to pick up everything in less than three minutes. Override The machine will still allow an eloe to open caches with supplies if the players decide to make the boiler in advance.

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silent kick

The second problem of hunting land plain songs is silent blow . It makes an ael to clean the car imperceptibly. Using the same methods as in testing with silent mortality, players can stay out of sight before encountering each machine and destroy it. Punch from above – one of the most effective ways to complete this test for the allotted time, as there are seeds from which you can jump.

Silent slip

That silent slip does not require the use of smoke and is the simplest of the three tasks that need to be performed quickly. At the very beginning of Ela, it can very quickly slide by car. As you need to kill only two cars, players can look at them to cling to the pillar, and then jump off it for another rapid destruction.

That infiltrator in the skill tree there are several skills that can be very useful for all three tests. That low-profile , quiet movement And also Stels Stalker All skills make it difficult to detect an elo, do not require many skills points and are very useful skills for use in the rest of the game.

Additional Horizon: Forbidden West guides, see how to get a DAUNT hunting in Horizon Forbidden West? in professional guidelines for the game.

This will include the following Horizon Forbidden West patch

_ Horizon Forbidden West _ It is a game that looks incredible both at PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, But since its launch a few days ago, users have been reporting problems related to the Calibration of HDR , as well as pop-in objects and textures. The good news is that Guerrilla Games is already working on it, and after the hotfix of last week, they are already planning to launch another update as soon as possible.

Via reddit , a spokesman for the company confirmed that they are working to solve some of the aforementioned problems, and the next patch that arrives for this game seeks to put an end to all of them.

“Thank you for sharing your visual problems through our support forums. The team is working hard to solve these problems. Please keep informing us from any other problem and if you can, share videos and let us know as much information as possible.

We understand your frustrations and appreciate your patience. We are doing our best so that they return to explore all the secrets of the West Prohibited. “

Horizon Forbidden West: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU
Even with these problems, Forbidden West remains an experience that any user of PLAYSTATION must try, especially if you were a fan of the first game. You can know why we say this through our written review.

Editor’s note: It is good to know that guerrillas already put hands on the site with all these problems. Compared to some other current experiences, Forbidden West debuted in a great state and again demonstrates all the potential of the PlayStation Studios.

How big is Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is undoubtedly one of the largest Sony releases in 2022. Like many exclusive graphic solutions for PlayStation, Horizon is a meaningful game. Depending on which Players use players, Horizon Forbidden West can have different file sizes. That’s how much space you need for versions of Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 and PS5.

Depending on your region, Horizon Forbidden West will have a different file size: the European version takes more space than the American version.

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 File Size

  • 87.608 GB (USA)

Horizon Forbidden West | How Big is the Map? A Walk Across The Forbidden West
* 98,074 GB (EU)
* 83,797 GB (Japan)

Horizon Forbidden West PS4 File Size

  • 79,548 GB (USA)
  • 90,243 GB (EU)
  • 77,193 GB (Japan)

It is unclear why the game has incompatible file sizes depending on the location. However, Horizon Forbidden West will surely need a lot of space on your console, no matter what system you use. Be sure to cleanse the place before getting the game and try to download. Given the incredible file size, the installation of the game can take some time, especially on PS4, which is known to have a lower download speed compared to PS5.

To learn more about Horizon Forbidden West, be sure to get acquainted with some of our other articles here, in professionals’ games manuals. , For example, how many hours you need to go through the Horizon Forbidden West campaign .

Horizon Forbidden West: How do PS4 and PS5 beat

Already on Friday, the 18th of February you are allowed to go to your second adventure with Archerkeizin Aloy and make the world of Horizon Forbidden West uncertain. Already Horizon Zero Dawn was quite a graphics miracle and accordingly pretty is the successor.

To demonstrate the PlayStation 4- and the Playstation 4 Pro version, developer studio guerrilla games has already shared gameplay in recent weeks. Our technique comparison gets the PlayStation 5-Version on board and shows you how load and current gene cut off in a direct forums.

What makes the technology of Horizon Forbidden West on the PS4 and PS5?

A small indication in advance: We have opted for our recordings on the PS5 for the quality mode with 30 fps . Who prefers liquid 60 images per second, can of course switch to the power mode, but must then accept small graphic smears when playing.

In direct comparison, the first time the light effects jump into the eye. Already on the PS4 Pro but especially on the PS5, the light looks crispy and at the same time more natural than on the PS4, especially on the faces of the characters. Better lighting also ensures that the world acts as such more plastic and gives her more depth.

With regard to the loading times , of course, the PS5 has little surprising the nose. Even after about seven seconds, you land from the main menu of the game directly in action. The PS4 Pro needs a whole corner with almost 50 seconds and the normal PS4 lets you even wait for a few seconds longer. Similarly, the fast travel is where the PS5 spoils you with five seconds charging time while the PS4 needs half a minute.

But technology and graphics are of course not all: Gameplay, History and the open world of Horizon are also worth a look. As well as the successor really liked, whether he can build on the basis of Horizon Zero Dawn and Aloys adventure raises a new level, all this is what you can do in our test at Horizon Forbidden West. The latest work of Guerilla Games appears exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and 5 on 18 February. **

Horizon Forbidden West - Challenges of the Forbidden West | PS5, PS4

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Horizon Forbidden West has a new trailer focused on settlements and challenges

PLAYSTATION has presented a new trailer of Horizon Forbidden West , and only two weeks after its official launch. You can see it about these lines, and in this case it will be focused on weapons, equipment, settlements and challenges of all kinds.

Horizon Forbidden West - Official Challenges of the Forbidden West Trailer

Precisely, these weapons and armor can be purchased and improved through the settlements themselves, where there will also be the possibility of testing them in a combat pit. Crowd can be explored from ancient environments such as ruins and cars, all as we avoid (or annihilate) enemy riders that will campared by the map bothering Aloy as long as they can. In addition, we can compete a series of races against these same riders, and we will be allowed to demonstrate our skills in the sand while eliminating giant mechanical beasts.

As always, they have left some new images of the game, in this case captured in PlayStation 5. You can do click in them to see them in full size:

The title of guerrillas has already been getting used to this dosed communication for a few months, especially since they announced their delay until 2022. Numerous trailers of the game have already been published, as one focused on the mechanical beasts, another focused on its history And even some videos and catches that show how it will be seen in consoles of the past generation, where its intention is that the experience is “equally immersive” despite the technical limitations.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 .

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