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Where to find portunids in Tower of Fantasy

Portunids are a type of crab you may encounter when exploring the islands of Esperia in Tower of Fantasy. These crabs are one of many resources that you can find in the game to use them in culinary recipes.


Portunids, however, is a little difficult to find. They have a low speed of appearance and can only be found in certain places. In addition, you can easily run past them because of their small size.

If it is difficult for you to find them, you got to the right place. Read the following guide to find out where the portunids are in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Portunids Farming Locations

Portunids can only be found in the coastal areas of the game. It is best to go to the beaches or just explore the sandy shores, especially near the areas of Barrenstown and Mega-Arena. These islands are located in the southwest corner of the map.

Remember, you need to look for them on the shore, so do not go into the grass. Therefore, the best way to grow portunids is to stay on the beaches, and when you find a strip with numerous crabs, just attack them to add them to your inventory. Then go a little further before returning, so that they all appear again in the same area.

You can turn to the image below to find out where you will have the best chances of spawning portunids.

The R-Type Tactics duo will have the right to his remakes

If the veterans know above all the R-Type series for its shoot-the-ups with a cord, the most addicted have not forgotten the variants in tactical format which accompanied the life of the PSP. It is these two components that Granzella intends to pay tribute, with the start of remakes for R-Type Tactics and R-Type Tactics II Operation Bitter Chocolate, a name whose comic potential remains intact despite the weight of years.

The announcement was formalized during the last stream of the publisher of SOS The Final Escape, who took over the torch of Irem around his most revered licenses; We owe him the return of the franchise in 2021 with R-Type final 2. This remake version of the diptych is supposed to accommodate new additional elements from the original games, but it will be necessary to wait a little more to enter the details. And if it is not to know more about Disaster Report 5, the next episode of the catastrophic adventure series announced in 2020, Granzella plans to market a portion of curry to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. You can not make that up.

R-Type Tactics II Bitter Chocolate Opening Movie with subtitles

Bitter Chocolate video

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Announcement Trailer Gloomy Nazralath: The Fallen World

Nazralath: The Fallen World - Announcement Trailer
The developers from Euclidean Studios on their YouTube Channel published an announcement trailer in developing a game called Nazralath: The Fallen World.

If you believe the description of the game under the video, then Nazralath: The Fallen World is a plot-oriented game from a third party in the genre of Dark Fantasy with elements of RPG, which focuses on exciting narration and research through a rich, strong atmosphere and peace.

PATH TO ETINWAY: First gameplay to the fantasy

Dan Kim Nguyen is writing this to his project:

“Path to etinway is a fantasy-rpg adventure game in which you play a lonely warrior who travels through a foreign country full of secrets and dangers. On your trip, you discover new environments and fight against different enemies to gain new skills and to improve your skills.

Experience a fantasy adventure in which you will discover the truth about etinway. Improve your skills and get new skills while you discover the many secrets hidden in this new country. On your way you will travel through different environments, find new allies and put you in many enemies. Take you in front of the many dangers in eight you will meet on your journey through this beautiful but treacherous landscape. Become on your way to etinway to the warrior who are intended to be. “

\ – A fantasy world in which you can explore cities, castles, ruins and night.
\ – A fantasy single player adventure campaign.

Path to Etinway - Official Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Trailer
\ – Various enemy game figures and endpers with different skills that will make your skills as a warrior “.

We remember: As part of the show “State of Unreal” Epic Games announced the obvious. Not even a year after the start of the Early Access for the Unreal Engine (Buy Now) 5 allows for the time to download the Final version of the EPIC engine. With this version you want to enable big and small teams to create next-gene content. The UE5 enables “next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, accuracy and flexibility than ever,” EPIC.

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WOW: A bushel progenitor products – so you come to the treasure chest

Mystery friends come in Zereth Mortis, the final area of WoW: Shadowlands, full of their money. Countless hidden boxes, rare opponents that have to be summoned over detours and many more small puzzles invite you to explore and try around. Other players, on the other hand, want to know directly as they come to something specific and have no desire to pile up for hours. And often the puzzles are not easy to solve or only by chance. As with a bushel progenitor products.

To come to this box, you must first open the door, behind which the treasure you need for meta-success treasures of Zereth mortis is hidden. We tell you how that works.

WOW: a bushel progenitor products

To get to the treasure, you must first open the door. But this is not possible without any further and the game does not tell you as you do that. So we tell you:

Bushel of Progenitor Produce WoW Treasure

  • To open the locked door, your character must have the buff creation catalyst overload stacked five times.
  • The buff stops 40 seconds and you will ever receive a pile when you kill a nascent servant .
  • These opponents can be found especially in the rectangular water field in the middle – north of the locked door.
  • Kill five of these opponents one after the other, without the debuff expires. The runtime is set to 40 seconds with each stack.
  • Have five stacks together, then you can open the door and have free access to the treasure.

The bushel progenitor products is not a classic treasure chest, but a bushel fruit and vegetables. Source: progenitor products
There you will find , among other things, Chef Pocopoc and a handful of mysterious fruits. But pay attention to the nascent servants not necessarily attack when they are connected by beam to the creation catalyst. Because then you get Creation catalyst overload , which makes it much harder to kill.

Depending on the equipment, it is relatively easy to collect the buffs successively without leaving in between. If you cause too little damage, then you always have to fight several servants at the same time. Pullt the next servant just when the old servant is not entirely dead to get faster to the buffs.

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A “Ding Light 2” Launch Trailer Launches Piecewise Released CO

Tech land delivers the final World Action RPG Ding Light 2 Stay Human ( Dying Light 2 Stay Human ) to the final round of Dying 2 Know. We released a launch trailer full of attractions from the story to action.

In the other Dying 2 Know, the image of the CO-OP play (the following video 4: 09-) and the console version (6: 19-), the introduction video (18:53) of the City to be the stage (18:53) Because it is also shown, if you are looking forward to this work, it is a check.

Ding Light 2 Stay Human is scheduled to be released February 4, 2022, for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version).

[PS4] Ding Light 2 Stay Human [Reservation Benefits] DLC Reload Skin Pack REACH for The Sky Skin Pack (Delivery)
~ ~ ¥8,778 ~ → ¥7,182




[PS5] Ding Light 2 Stay Human [Reservation Benefits] DLC Reload Skin Pack REACH for The Sky Skin Pack (Delivery)

~ ~ ¥8,778 ~ → ¥7,182



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