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LOL – Squad Event Bin: Missions, Rewards and All Objects of the Symbol Store

The event Squadron soul is about to start at League of Legends. It is an event born of the popular Skin Riven bunny, but it gives a twist to create the universe itself. In addition to the new Skins arriving at the Moba de Riot Games, too

all the news of the event

Squadron animals 2022 begins on March 31, 2022 at 22:00 (Spanish Peninsular Time) (14:00 (MX) / 15:00 (CO) / 17:00 (CL / AR)) and will come to an end the May 3, 2022 at 08:59 (Spanish peninsular time) (01:59 (MX / CO) / 02:59 (CL) / 03:59 (AR)). The missions will be available at the beginning of the operation and will also end on May 3, 2022 at 08:59 (Spanish peninsular time) (01:59 (MX / CO) / 02:59 (CL) / 03:59 (AR )), although players can spend their symbols until May 9, 2022 at 22:00 (Spanish peninsular time) (14:00 (MX / CO) / 15:00 (Cl) / 17:00 (AR) ).

In addition, during this version of the game you will arrive by one for all in which we will use the same champion the five team members.

Pass of the Event Squad Even

As with each event, we will have available a series of free content and the possibility of spending some money to improve possible rewards.

Squad Missions Boles

Normal missions

No need for

Missions with pass

You will have to get several hundred points playing and winning League of Legends games to unlock the missions. They have to be completed in order.

  • Key mission 1: Squader pass icon ENSOR + 5 Mythical Essences
  • Key mission 2: Improvement of exp of 10 victories + 5 mythical essences
  • Key mission 3: permanent mysterious emoticon + 5 mythical essences
  • Key mission 4: Emoticon Is it a rabbit? + 5 Mythical Essences
  • Key mission 5: Gatastrophe emoticon + 5 mythical essences
  • Key Mission 6: Emoticono adore you Liebemente + 1500 Blue Essences
  • Key Mission 7: 500 Orange Essences + 1 Key Hextech
  • Key Mission 8: 1 Select and Key Chest + 1500 Blue Essences
  • Key Mission 9: 1 Select Chest + 750 Oranger Essences
  • Key mission 10: 1 orb of squad smell + 1 selected chest and key

Extra missions without pass

There are a total of three additional missions that do not need the pass to be completed:

  • Symbolian stash missions : They are repeatable infinitely and reward you with 10 symbols for every 200 points.
  • Mission Squad Costume Courage : It is completed by playing 8 games on a team with a squad aspect smells or getting 2200 points. You reward you with 60 symbols and a Squadron Icon 2022.
  • ORBE MISSION : It gives you 40 symbols and an orb when getting 3800 points

Event shop

  • Jinx Battle Gato (Prestige + Icon) – 2000 Symbols
  • Package of 125 mythical essences + icon – 2200 symbols
  • Miss Fortune Battle Rabbit (Chroma + Icon) – 300 Symbols
  • Jinx battle jack (chroma + icon) – 300 symbols
  • Riven Battle Rabbit – Prime (Chroma + Icon) – 300 Symbols
  • Sylas battle wolf (chroma + icon) – 300 symbols
  • Vayne Battle Bat (Chroma + Icon) – 300 Symbols
  • Miss Fortune Battle Rabbit (Edge + Icon) – 300 Symbols
  • Jinx battle jack (edge + icon) – 300 symbols
  • Riven Battle Rabbit – Prime (Edge + Icon) – 300 Symbols
  • Sylas battle wolf (edge + icon) – 300 symbols
  • VAYNE battle bat (edge + icon) – 300 symbols
  • 10 Blue Essences – 1 Symbol
  • 1 key fragment – 20 symbols
  • 1 key – 60 symbols
  • 3 keys – 180 symbols
  • 100 Blue Essences – 10 Symbols
  • 1 fragment of random champion – 50 symbols
  • 1 Mysterious emoticon – 60 symbols
  • 1 Orb of Squadron ENSOR – 200 Symbols
  • 1 rare minileendeh egg – 300 symbols
  • 1 Intrepid Community Egg – 600 Symbols

* 1 Egg of ingenious inventors – 600 symbols

Fortnite: How to get the Doctor Strange

NEW Doctor Strange BOSS in Fortnite Season 2
A brand new season is there fourteen days and thus comes the new Doctor Strange-Skin. Since the hype soon built around the new Doctor Strange movie, it was only a matter of time before Fortnite Doctor Strange took his list of playable characters. So we come to the point; Learn how to get the Doctor Strange Skin in Fortnite.

How to get the Doctor Strange Skin

Similar to Spider-Man in Chapter 3, Season 1, the Doctor Strange Skin can only be unlocked Battle Pass . This is a standard practice in Fortnite and others today. Doctor Strange is the last activation for the last page of the Battle Pass, so it will require some work to unlock the skin. Grinding XP will be a prerequisite to get it. Luckily for you are in the Battle Pass of Chapter 3, Season 2, some other great skins included.

The way to get the Doctor Strange Skin is not to unlock him in the Battle Pass. You have to spend Battle Stars you receive by passing through the Battle Pass to completely make it to your. The Doctor Strange Skin costs nine fight stars .

There are also other accessories in the Doctor Strange style, according to which you should look out. Also in the Battle Pass is the Mandala Disc Glider which is unlocked for six Battle Stars and the book of Cagliostro Back Bling is unlocked for five Battle stars and the Spellwork Scimitar Harvesting Tool for seven Battle stars. There is also an emote named Summon Weapon What’s worth seven battle stars.

To reach page 10 of the Battle Pass, you need to do this buy BattlePass and get up to at least Level 90. Both are not a lightweight tasks for their purse and their time, but if they are a mega fan of Marvel and Doctor Strange, then the items contained therein are definitely worth it.

And that’s all you need to know when it comes to get the Doctor Strange-Skin in Fortnite. If you are interested in getting some of the other new skins, such as the prowler, or how to get the vehicle MOD Cow Catcher, be sure to read our Fortnite instructions. We cover everything and definitely have what you are looking for.

You can play fourteen days now on PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC, exclusively via the Epic Games Store.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Fortnite: How to get the Doctor Strange Skin

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