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Zelda for PlayStation 5: This indie

It always happens that a game draws clear inspiration from other titles. For example, the indie hit vampire survivors was inspired by the mobile game Magic Survival, and some games have such a big influence on industry that a complete genre is named after them. For example, soul-like titles often resemble the challenging games of from software with their combat system.

New indie title looks like Link’s Awakening

Often players have no problem with it when a title draws a little inspiration of competitors, but if the similarities become a little too much, the whole thing looks different. With this fate, the new indie project MySplaced is currently faced with. The Metroidvania was presented in the latest episode by IGNS Rogue Jam, and both users and IGN quickly noticed the similarities to the remake of Link’s Awakening:

_ “MySplaced is strongly reminiscent of the recently published remake of Link’s Awakening, but it could be more behind it than you think” _

In the end, the title did not win the IGN competition, since the jury had some concerns about the similarities to the Switch remake from 2019. A more precise insight into how similar the titles are actually provided, among other things, the Twitter user Lonelygoomba. The latter compared the two games and compared both the graphics and the level design. At least on the comparison he chose, the similarities are really amazing.

Of course there are also some voices, which rather put the rather impressive performance of the two -person development team in the foreground. Stolen or not, there is clearly a lot of work in the new project. And how do you say so beautifully?”Copy good artists, steal big artists.” _

MySplaced should appear both for the Xbox Series X | s and for PlayStation 5. With this, all players who do not have a Nintendo Switch can experience a little Zelda feeling. But what do you think of the whole? Are you bothering the similarities between MySplaced and the remake of Link’s Awakening?

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The most anticipated game on Steam, The Day Before is pushed by 9 months

The gestation of the survival MMO The Day Before will last 9 months more than an initially announced. In question, the desire to go to the Unreal Engine 5 and the passage of giving itself the means to meet an expectation which seems a little disproportionate.

The fact is that this title with realistic artistic direction whose few videos presented so far evoke a cross between The Last of Us and The Division is currently considered the most anticipated game on Steam, where millions of users Placed in their wishes list, in front of titles like Hollow Knight Silksong and Starfield.

Difficult to say if this classification has something scientific, any more that it can guarantee the success of a long -term game, but we can understand the pressure that is exercised on the Russian studio FNASTIC and its publisher Singapouren Mytona. Previously announced for June 21, 2022, The Day before now aims at a launch on March 1, 2023 on PC. The game will also be available later on PS5 and Xbox Series.

I Played Steam Games That Nobody Plays

Ilors that we feel and achieve the great responsibility that faces us, with immense gratitude in our hearts, we are happy to announce that The Day Before will adopt the new Unreal Engine 5 technology. The transition to a more advanced engine and Adapted to the open worlds will make the gameplay of The Day Before even more fantastic, “said the press release.

The Survival series shares 13 minutes of playable documentary on nature

Breaking Walls has just revealed a long video with some of the many wild features of the next Away sugar glider adventure: The Survival Series, and so far, this game looks at a good time. The developers have actually managed to do something as simple as catching a dragonfly in an epic adventure while the sugar glider plane in the air, coming in air pockets to gain more lift and rushing In narrow tunnels in the pursuit of a snack insects.

In real life, sugar gliders are legendary for their skiing capacity, but they are not exactly known to perform aerial maneuvers like hunting planes or, more precisely, Star Fox. However, this does not prevent Away: The Survival Series to take some freedoms concerning the real behavior of animals, and if this preview video is something to do, the risk paid.

Away: The Survival Series Exploration gameplay

First of all, the video shows the mechanisms of gliding and hunting of the game, the lush environments and a narrator who would have just as well emerged from a real documentary about nature. Then he begins to enter in more detail regarding the frame, revealing that Away: The Survival Series takes place on a future land that has been definitely marked by natural disasters and climate change.

Plants, terrain and predators all represent serious danger for your small player character. The narrator is openly wondering how sugar gliders have survived while so many other species perished.

The video then shows the photo mode of the game, which allows you to freeze the action at any time and to apply filters to get the perfect nature photo. Then, it presents the possibility of playing as animals other than sugar gliders, including a black and yellow salamander and a religious mante.

New creatures will appear in the world based on the day-night cycle, which will also change during specific missions. Players will be able to explore different biomes, digging clues on what happened to the planet and fight venomous snakes as a boss.

Away: The Survival Series will be available later this summer on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Are you looking forward to playing as sugar glider? Let us know in the comments, or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

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