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The Best Websites To Help Players Improve Their NBA 2K23

What websites can help players improve their NBA 2K23 game? This is the question all players should start to ask themselves. Players will find themselves in this situation as they get better and find that many players on the NBA 2K23 roster are too easy to beat. Remember, knowing about a great website on the Internet for help does not make you good at basketball. That being said, some websites can help a player up their game and win more games than they lose.

NBA 2K23 Guides

If so, you’re in luck! Loads of great websites and resources can help players of all skill levels get better at the game. One great website to check out is 2KLab. This website contains helpful guides and tips on improving your player’s performance in NBA 2K23. You’ll find guides on everything from shooting to dribbling, and there’s even a section dedicated to MyCareer mode.

Another excellent website for NBA 2K23 tips is RealGM. This website has an extensive forum where players can ask questions and get advice from more experienced gamers. You’ll also find helpful articles on various topics, such as how to create the perfect player build. This site contains a wealth of information on the game, including patch notes, developer blogs, and FAQs. If you’re ever stuck on something, this is a great place to look for answers.

What Is A Professional Tip?

A professional tip is a website that gives players tips on improving their NBA K game. There are many different professional tips out there, but not all of them are created equal. Some professional tips are better than others. One of the best professional tips is the website NBA2KLab. This website provides players with a variety of tips and tricks that can help them improve their game. NBA2KLab also has a YouTube channel that provides helpful videos on various topics related to the game.

Another great professional tip is the website NBATips. This website also provides players with a variety of tips and tricks that can help them improve their game. In addition, NBA Tips also has a section where players can ask questions and get answers from experts. Overall, there are many different professional tips out there that can help players improve their NBA 2K game. Some professional tips are better than others. The two websites listed above are two of the best professional tips available.

The Best Websites For NBA 2K23 Tips

These tips and resources will help you take your game to the next level. Some great websites offer NBA 2K23 tips and tricks. One of our favorites is Nylon Calculus, which offers an in-depth analysis of the game mechanics. Another great site is RealGM, which has a wealth of information on player development.

If you’re looking for more general tips on improving your game, Check out this blog post from the official NBA 2K blog. It covers some basic principles that will help raise your virtual hoops IQ. Finally, don’t forget to visit the 2K Support website for FAQs and other helpful information.

What is a Good Website for NBA 2K Data?

A few websites come to mind when looking for good NBA 2K data. One of the best is 2KMTCentral.com. This website has much information on players, teams, and matchups. Another great website for NBA 2K data is NBA2KLab.com. This website has detailed information on player abilities and performances. Finally, NBA2K Smart.com is a website that provides analysis and tips on how to improve your NBA 2K game.

Alternatives To These Resources

Many websites offer similar resources to help players improve their NBA K game. Some of these websites include:

  • NBA2KLab: This website offers a variety of resources to help players improve their NBA K game. These resources include gameplay analysis, tips, tricks, and community forums.
  • 2KMTCentral: This website provides users with information on the best NBA K players and teams and allows players to share their gameplay footage.
  • Operation Sports: This website provides users with information on various sports games, including NBA 2K23. It offers news, previews, and reviews of the latest games, as well as forums where gamers can discuss tips and tricks.

Everything we know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 after the first trailer

This Wednesday (8), the studios Activision and Infinity Ward decided to show once and for all the first trailer for the next and long-awaited game in the franchise, and through it, we have clues to the story.

After months and months of leaks of all kinds and new officialization, the first trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has finally surfaced.

Long-awaited by the community, the next title from Infinity Ward is quite promising. We all hope it raises the bar on previous games in the franchise, especially since the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard was not well received by gamers. After reviewing the first trailer for the game, fans’ hopes can be renewed. Check out in this article the main details of the new game.

What we see in the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer
Through the first trailer, we could find our “*Ultimate * Team Weapon,” led by Captain Price. Even if it’s just footage taken from cutscenes and not gameplay footage (don’t worry, they’re coming very soon), we still get a good glimpse of the atmosphere Modern Warfare 2 will plunge us into.

Modern Warfare 2 will begin its plot three years after the events of the last game in the franchise and will take us straight to the heart of a conflict in which the United States and Mexico will be the main protagonists. For the record, the US did send battalions to eliminate a foreign general, thus putting the country at risk. For everything to go as it should, the different forces will have every interest in getting along and reaching an agreement.

Even though we didn’t have any gameplay footage during this reveal, the various streamers who mainly play Call of Duty: Warzone and were invited to the conference on Tuesday, June 7, still gave some information about the game.

According to various reports, it seems that the game’s developers have focused on a very different mechanic and will bring a lot of aquatic environments to this new work, with many missions taking place in the water. If the gameplay is considerably closer to that of Modern Warfare, everything related to the “water” mechanics, including diving, will be more present than ever.

Also, it looks like weapon customization has been overhauled so that you can only put three attachments on them but automatically implement all weapon variants. For example, if you unlock the AK-47, the base weapon, your variant will be the AK12, so you can also place three attachments. Put: all variants can therefore be modified.

Now, wait for the actual reveal of the gameplay footage, which will take place tomorrow during the Summer Games Fest. Please note that these will be gameplay footage from the campaign, not multiplayer. For the multi, we’ll have to wait a little longer! However, we already know that the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ system will be released together with the titles, which indicates that they care about the players’ experience.

The game launch
The release date is October 2022 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S, and it is also available for PC on Steam and Battle.net. As if that weren’t enough, the company also claims that Warzone 2.0 will arrive later this year, and a mobile game (which in this case would be Warzone) is also in development.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 pre-orders are now available on multiple platforms for those who can’t wait, and many of them include early access, Beta play, skins, additional content, and more.

Fortnite In-person FNCS Invitational announced in the US with a prize pool of $1 Million

After a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in-person tournaments in the competitive Fortnite scene are back. According to Epic Games, the FNCS Invitational 2022 will be held between November 12 and 13 in Raleigh, United States. The tournament will bring together the best FNCS duos to compete for the $1 million prize pool in a single lobby.

Fortnite in-person events are back!
Epic Games stated that information on how the qualifiers for the FNCS Invitational 2022 will work will be revealed soon, but that players who intend to participate in the tournament should prepare for the trip now, organizing documentation for the travel to the USA, such as a passport. Visa, government-issued identification, and vaccination card, among others.

It is worth mentioning that the health and safety of our players is our number one priority at any in-person event. In the event of possible changes in health restrictions or regional laws and new recommendations from the authorities, we may have to reschedule the event or change the plans, highlighted the company.

Chapter 3 Season 2 is coming to an end.
It is worth remembering that Season 2 of Chapter 3 is approaching its end, which will take place on June 4 at 5 pm, when the community will follow the Collision event. According to official teasers and leaks, the Mech Team Leader, a gigantic robot bear already known to players, is expected to appear at the event.

Those who log into Fortnite on June 4, starting at 9:00 am ET, will earn an exclusive loading screen and lobby song.

End day 6 with Furious Gaming’s dominance in the LOL Honor League

On the last day of this week, the League of Honor managed to put several teams on the ropes, showing a high level everywhere. New strategies are present every day within the Summoner’s Rift, and now the league teams are looking to overthrow the current champion. Still, the skull will not make things easy for them and will seek to remain undefeated.

The first duel of the day put Movistar Optix against Wolf Esports Club, starting with the selection of one of Leblanc in the hands of Neadz, who managed to show an excellent performance by keeping his rival on the sidelines, managing to generate pressure in fights with explosive damage supporting his team to get enough gold that would give him the advantage and with it they could close the game and take the victory.

In the second matchup, we saw Santiago Wanderers Esports against Dark Horse taking the aggressiveness from the cavalry side with a Syal using Jayce in the top lane that scaled very fast, doing some pretty heavy burst damage within team fights. that ended up leaving the rivals with little life, little by little the horses put the gallop to the fullest to take the victory in their favor.

During the third map, we saw Cruzados Esports against Meta Gaming, where GunPoint took a Xayah in the bot lane that little by little scaled phenomenally, managing to stop his rivals from obtaining a significant advantage that would be noticeable in team fights thanks to the protection of their allies, the crusader team would take the soul from the skies and end up closing the game in their favor.

The fourth game put New stars against Rebirth Esports, generating an aggressive game at the top for Burrito, who played with a Gwen at the top, managing to take an early advantage. The game gradually turned in favor of the stars passing over the birds during the confrontation, a game that was greatly favored thanks to the fights, and the stellar team managed to win the game.

Moving on to the fifth game, Maze Gaming fought against Furious Gaming, where Dargus conquered the phase of the line with a Tristana. The game looked perfect for the bulls team that took the advantage in good shape. However, the skull team gave the returned impressively in a team fight that allowed them to generate a pivotal point to take the victory.

Day 6 of the Chilean league ended, leaving Furious Gaming as the table leader who maintains their undefeated. The tournament teams are looking to topple the current champion, but they will have to wait as the action resumes the following week to get this opportunity.

V Rising Duration of Early Access, confirmed news, and price increase

There is no doubt that V Rising is the game of the moment. This survival, construction, and isometric action title developed by Stunlock, the authors of Battlerite, is in full swing despite being released early access. And that’s because the enormous amount of content suggests that the title is practically finished.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to the V Rising Steam store page, it is possible to know Stunlock’s plans for the game, the approximate duration of this phase, and the key new features they want to add during this Early Access. Let’s dissect what the developer herself has commented.

How long will V Rising Early Access last?
These are the words of Stunlock in this regard: “We are focused on ensuring the best possible experience. It is difficult to say how long it will take us to process the comments and suggestions of the players and develop the game accordingly. Our goal is to finish the game and get out of Early Access within the next 12 months .”
But to be working for a whole year on a fully playable game like V Rising, you need to have crystal clear plans for what you want to add. That is the next section.

What news will come to V Rising?
They seem to know what they’re doing. In addition to launching content-laden early access, they plan to tackle much more over the next few months: “We want the full version to reflect what our players expect from a vampire survival game. Throughout Early Access and until the final release, new updates will arrive primarily in new features and content for the world.”
These are the novelties that they plan to add:
More biomes and dungeons
New weapons and spell sets
new enemies
More castle decorations and cosmetics
More building recipes
Additional features and better performance to enhance the entire experience

A reward for those who support the game
From Stunlock, they say that V Rising is the most ambitious game of the studio and that they want to integrate the players’ suggestions into the development. You can leave your questions and concerns on the V Rising Discord server, where the development team responds to fans.

But what is more interesting is that they say that the game will go up in price when it is finally released. The current 19.99 Usd will grow as new content arrives at the title. If you like it, run to buy it!

V Rising continues to break records, and the vampire survival game wants to overtake Valheim

V Rising has been available since May 17 in Early Access on Steam, and ever since then, the game has been all the rage and continues to break records. The indie game is rising to the top of the charts worldwide and establishing its success. Recently, V Rising has celebrated its concurrent player record with 150,000 vampires connected simultaneously in the game.

Following in the footsteps of the behemoth Valheim, the vampire survival/sandbox game more than akin to the Iron Gate game continues its rise and celebrates a new event today.

The million!
The survival game just announced its million-seller hit worldwide and thus evidences a phenomenal start for the creation of Stunlock Studios. The comparison with Valheim, the survival game based on Norse mythology, which had registered 3 million sales just 17 days after its launch, is inevitable. Therefore, there is still a week left for V Rising to prove itself and surpass its competitor, released a year earlier. However, it is difficult for now.

Translation of the Tweet: 1,000,000 vampires have awakened from their sleep! Thank you all for participating in this achievement!

V Rising is still the most played game on Steam, ahead of the behemoth Elden Ring, which lowers the bar a bit, not surprisingly.

What attracts players to V Rising?
Without a doubt, its gameplay, as well as its environment, are more than unique. First of all, the survival genre seems to fascinate in recent years, with games like Valheim or The Forest being big hits in the industry. But survival is better together, and V Rising has perfectly exploited this player’s penchant for cooperative survival, which has the benefit of bringing people together… or, at times, conflict.

Also, the vampire theme is very effective. If V Rising manages to stand out, it is mainly thanks to some rather daring mechanics based on the handicaps of these night creatures: don’t expect to be able to sunbathe if you expose yourself to it for more than 5 seconds. You will die.

In short, the combination of epic fights and a super-developed crafting system makes for a true gem of a video game that gamers all over the world never seem to get tired of. Who knows how the trend will develop in the coming weeks? Meanwhile, the game’s statistics are constantly increasing, and it is possible that V Rising will soon break all the records recorded by Valheim.

The New PS Plus is generating discontent among Asian gamers of various problems

The renewed PlayStation Plus for PS4 and PS5 will be released around June 22 in Europe, offering its players three different offers, allowing them to access more or less exclusive content. But in some Asian countries, the new formula has been available since last Monday, so we already have feedback from those players. A specific group has shown discontent with an obvious situation.

The new PlayStation Plus
Starting June 22, users will be able to choose between three different PS Plus offers:
Playstation Plus Essentials (two downloadable games each month, exclusive discounts, cloud storage to save games, and access to online multiplayer)
PlayStation Plus Extra (PS Plus Essentials benefits, access to a catalog of around 400 of the best PS4 and PS5 games)
PlayStation Plus Premium (PS Plus Essentials and Extra benefits, over 340 additional games, including PS2, PSP, and PS3 classics, limited-time trials)
For players with a classic PS Plus subscription (therefore equivalent to PlayStation Plus Essentials), it is possible to upgrade, i.e., switch to a more expensive version, but one that offers access to more content. Subscribers who wish to upgrade to a more expensive subscription will need to pay the difference. So far, so good.

The offer of controversy
According to the testimony of a Reddit user located in Asia, what is problematic is the subscription upgrades purchased on promotion. On Reddit, @Andyppbb reports that players who bought the PS Plus subscription on sale and want to upgrade to a higher subscription must pay an additional sum. It is well known that sometimes PlayStation organizes promotional periods during which the PS Plus subscription runs out and is much cheaper.

For example, if a user paid for a subscription worth $100 at -25% ($75), they will have to pay $25 more if they want to upgrade to a higher level subscription.

Outraged, many players shared their discontent online, saying it was inadmissible to make promotions and collect the difference. Legally, however, PlayStation is not to blame. They may ask for compensation because it is an update and, therefore, another type of subscription.

Other problems
The PlayStation gaming community in Asia has also reported some issues with this new subscription. According to them, if a player has a classic annual subscription, it will be impossible for him to upgrade, not only for one month but for the entire subscription duration.

Also, the number of games in the catalog of different and premium versions is disappointing. According to them, we would be far from the more than 400 games announced by Sony.

Have the PlayStation teams worked on the “issues” reported by the community at this time? We will leave doubts on June 22! Of course, we will have to be patient because the new PlayStation Plus will arrive in Europe within a month.

RPGs need such solutions damn severely

It’s May 2022, and I’m still waiting for a developer to answer my cries for help. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Skyrim or Disco Elysium, Divinity or Witcher – in one thing, they all disappoint me mercilessly when it would be so easy to make me happy. I’m starting to lose hope.

An ingame diary I can write myself: It drives me crazy that almost all role-playing games fail to incorporate this simple but handy feature. I don’t get it: Such an excellent key to real RPG – and no one uses it?

But before I get to that, let me first briefly explain how exactly I envision the journal. Such a diary would solve numerous problems that plague games again and again. And RPGs need such solutions damn severely!

Almost every role-playing game or action-adventure has a quest log, i.e., a notebook in the game in which our missions end up. There is often information about the world and its inhabitants. I can only read through it in most cases but write nothing about it myself. And that’s what annoys me!

No, If development studios would hatch more outlandish ideas for their journal, it would have many more benefits than you might think. And don’t think that’s just because I’m desperately leafing through digital diaries for answers every time after a long break from playing! And of course, you never find them there, but in the worst case, overwhelmed, close the game again.

Which advantages exactly? I will talk to you about that in much more detail here than most game journals describe their quests.

The curse of overloaded maps
At the latest, Elden Ring has finally cleared up the assumption that a map has to reveal all secrets so that players can find their way around. You stumble upon a new surprise that others may completely overlook around every corner.

Great, that’s how excellent world design works! It’s high time that the era of maps where you can’t see any terrain for all the quest markers comes to an end. Stupe is running after a compass that leads you to the next mission on rails – that destroys the best open worlds because we no longer perceive the great environment but stare at the mini-map.

Of course, there are good reasons why many developers rely on such features. They work. To ensure the player doesn’t miss where to go next, point a big arrow at it and be pretty sure it won’t accidentally run past. But that’s not elegant. I have a better idea.

Put the card in my journal, and then let me write wildly on it – bonus points if I can even place symbols myself, such as in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

For example, if I see a glowing cave entrance in the distance, but I’m in the middle of an exciting mission, I’d like to open my diary and scribble on the appropriate place on the map: Here cave tour, take the lamp with you.

It would be even more exciting with actual quests that reward my attention. Did the smith tell the hunter something about the buried treasure under the gallows tree? If I write this down in my journal myself, it immediately becomes more than just a generic side mission that I immediately forget among a hundred others. Instead, my attention is rewarded, and I can go treasure hunting myself. The small MMO Book of Travels wants to go in this direction, but its success is on the razor’s edge.

I am aware that this could quickly become a lot of work. I’m not in favor of getting rid of the automatically generated diary, but I want to expand it. For example, it is only essential for optional quests that I pay close attention to. The game can continue to provide me with important information, but I want to embellish the details myself. Role-playing king Baldur’s Gate 2 has already made own such entries possible, for example:

This feature also makes something more accessible and more important to me personally than an exciting map: genuine role-playing games.

Finally, complete immersion instead of role-playing light.
An in-game journal that I keep from my character’s point of view immediately increases my immersion by two hundred percent. I write down what I think is going on in my character’s head, giving them personality, making decisions differently than I would – because I’m impersonating a different person.

The pixel figure comes alive in my mind. What words would Commander Shepard choose to write about the loss of a crew member? What would my Elven Inquisitor in Dragon Age have to say about the strange habits of Round Ears?

Role-playing games are all about: I want to completely immerse myself in a strange world and see it through someone else’s eyes!

I’ve been doing this occasionally, for example, in Skyrim. Then stop with a notebook and pen. But this isn’t a perfect solution either:

It takes me out of the game
My cats like to steal pens
If I take a more extended break, I have to dig up my notes again (my cats also like to steal notebooks)
The entries never look as fancy as I would like
In Skyrim, there is now also a mod for this with almost 100,000 downloads, but for me, there are conflicts with various other modifications after the installation. However, their existence clearly shows that I am not alone with my dream diary!

It would be more convenient and prettier to fill my journal in-game myself. Just look at the gorgeous Life is Strange diary (yeah, not an RPG, but still!). My fingers are itching to design my pages, to enter a few texts full of embarrassing teenage poetry. Maybe even stick in some pre-made virtual stickers.

Developers would also open up enormous community potential with such jokes because journaling has been a massive trend in social media for years.

Journaling is a colossal phenomenon.
Combining gaming and journaling is obvious. To stay with the Life is Strange example: There are thousands of posts showing how people have recreated the magical diary in real life. But only the artistically talented who have a lot of time can do that. I bet there were many more players eagerly vying for the best in-game journal!

My ears tremble when I imagine what such a polished journal template would trigger in the motley fan fiction community. Of course, it doesn’t just have to be about aesthetics, and many prefer to share their stories rather than pictures. All advertising for the game that developers would not have to worry about themselves would spread all by itself in the community.

More immersion, more brilliant mission design, endless creative potential: there are many reasons why role-playing games should make a usable in-game journal a standard. And I hope that at some point, it will no longer be the rare exception it is today.

How To Create V Rising Clans Multiplayer Group And Play Cooperatively With Your Friends?

V Rising’s multiplayer features server types that provide radically different experiences. From a simple private cooperative game with your friends to intense PVP modes in which you must have a more excellent knowledge of the world’s workings to try to survive.

Create a clan to progress faster
In our tips, we already told you to keep in mind during your first hour of play, but a reminder never hurts: if you play alone, you may have many problems progressing correctly.
We strongly recommend that you gather all your friends with you if you want to erect a castle worthy of Castlevania.

How do I invite someone to a clan?
Press P and type the name of the player you want to invite. The server rules determine the maximum number of people in a clan, so you can have fun on a private server by organizing small families of 20 vs 20.
clan chat
To talk to people in your clan wherever you are, enter the command /clan and then space in chat to switch to the group channel.
shared progress
Members of the same clan can now use other party members’ workshops to progress quickly through V Rising quests.

This combat system inherits many features from Battlerite, a purely PvP game. Still, many players can get excited about taking the plunge into V Rising and creating large groups to build a massive castle in co-op.
The potential is there. It’s undeniable that this component reserved for more experienced players should be a big hit if Stunlock improves its servers.

Elden Ring crushes CoD Vanguard in sales in the United States

A new report from the NPD Institute has just placed Elden Ring ahead of Call of Duty Vanguard among the best-selling games in the last twelve months of the year. It’s still a small event for the logical continuation of the Dark Souls series and a monstrous record for a new franchise of its kind. Who will stop From Software’s steamroller? Everything indicates that it will be the queen of sales until 2023.

Elden Ring outsells CoD in the US.
Honestly, who would have thought that possible six months ago? The spiritual successor to a famous difficult or impossible series that usually only reaches an informed audience is now doing better in chat than one of the most mainstream series in the history of this medium. That’s crazy and great news because it means From Software’s efforts have paid off, and there’s room for players to experience more radical and exciting experiences (sorry, CoD fans) than xeroxed shooters year after year. Anus.

A disappointing 2021 call
So yes, the sales figures for Elden Ring are imposing, and the fact that they exceed those of an installment in the Call of Duty franchise is even more so. However, it should be noted that Activision’s series is in severe decline, and Vanguard is one of the series’ under-sellers. The game sold less than Modern Warfare or Black Ops: Cold War, relegating it to one of the worst sales records of the entire franchise for a long time.
According to Activision, this loss of interest is due to this work’s World War II context, an outdated theme that did not find its audience. On the player side, it’s not the same: Vanguard is simply a disappointing game that doesn’t meet the quality standards of the best episodes in the series, whether in single-player or multiplayer.

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