Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gets a popular video game mode under fans.

As the developers of Infinity Ward state on Twitter, gamers can look forward to contaminated mode.
It begins in a few days: The start of contaminated is intended with the activation of the Season 2
The brand-new season has been announced for February 15th.
It is just the very best sensation worldwide to play the Infected mode in Call of Duty together with good friends, commented one user on Twitter.
The designers replied: We agree. We’ll see each other on February 15.
In the coming week, players can fall into the fights between undead and survivors.

lots of brand-new material with Season 2.

The designers listen to the feedback from the players.
In the past few weeks, criticism of the lack of video game versions has constantly taken place, in addition to contaminated, the fan favorites Gunfight and Weapon Game are not represented in Modern Warfare 2.
War zone 2.0 players also receive new feed with Season 2: Season 2 includes entirely brand-new content, including the return of Revival and a brand-new small map for War zone 2.0, states the developer.
The new map is called Ashoka Island and plays on a Japanese island.
The smaller revival card comes as an option to the big Al March map in the Fight Royale shooter and guarantees quicker BR battles due to smaller dimensions.
It offers area for around 50 players.
For War zone 2.0, there are likewise modifications to the Gulag, on the Looting and for Loadouts.
The complete roadmap with very important changes and innovations at Season 2 for Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2.0 need to be submitted in the next couple of days.
The needed updates are readily available for download quickly prior to the start of the brand-new season.
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