awl Stars has 64 awlers in total.

Although everyone can be collected for free, only one is received without any effort: the initial Shelly.
The other 63 will require hours of play (some more and others) and performance in matches.
There are different ways to get the awlers for free.
11 of them are available on the trophy path.
The others are only achieved in the awl Boxes, which can be purchased with game resources and coins.
As these processes require time, skill and/or luck, it is also possible to get awlers using gems.
Gems can be achieved in the awl Pass of seasons (where awlers) or real money purchased are also available.

awlers on the trophy path

To get these free awlers, it is necessary to reach the necessary punctuations of trophy when playing ranked matches.
After the wooden ranking, you may lose trophies according to the performance in the arenas
Its total amount of trophies is the sum of the trophies won by each awler.
So if you are afraid of losing, change character and choose a awler that has little or no accumulated trophy.
Below you can see the list of awlers that can be caught for free when reaching certain numbers of trophy:
1. Nita-10 Trophies
2. Colt-60
3. BULL-250
4. Jessie-500
5. ock-1000
6. DYNAMIKE-2000
7. BO-3000
8. Tick-4000
9. 8-bit-6000
10. EMZ-8000
11. STU-10000

awlers in the boxes

Despite the different types of boxes, they all have the same percentage of awlers droplets.
What changes is just the amount of turns that each has.
That is, you can open a normal one or one larger one that will come several openings at once.
awlers available on boxes are all those who are not on the trophy path (besides Shelly, the initial).
Each rarity has a percentage of drop that increases as a awler of this quality does not come out.
When you take a character out of such a rarity, the related percentage is reset.
If you have all awlers of a specific quality, the percentage will disappear until another same rarity doll is added to the game.


Below you can check out the initial drop numbers of each box (remembering that they are gradually increasing as a type awler is not achieved):
awler rare: 2.7%
awler Super Rare: 1.2%
Epic awler: 0.55%
Mythical awler: 0.25%
Legendary awler: 0.11%


If you don’t want to count on the luck of the boxes, you can buy real money yolks and use them to catch the awlers on the character’s screens.
Each awler has the price related to rarity.
Rare: 29 gems
Super-rare: 79
Epic: 169
Mythical: 349
Legendary: 699

Chromatic awlers can be achieved when arriving at level 30 of awl Pass of the season.

When Season resets, the chromatic character leaves the pass and becomes legendary (available in the boxes and the purchase by gems).
The following season he becomes mythical, until he reaches the epic in the third.