Next week, Zenith: the Last City is getting a major update – improvements to new player experience and rewards, as well as a brand-new event. All this, plus a few surprises that make you want to hurry up and log in to see it!

Read the full patch details at Zenith: The Last City.

The update will likewise bring the Winter Festival Representative ranking challenge, where you can earn Winter Coins, toys, and a variety of benefits. Winter Coins are the current event currency that you will have the ability to trade for new toys, dishes, cosmetic winter headwear themed after the Pandora, and even a brand-new animal, the Frosted Stripe tail. The toys you can get exist with random rewards, and you can even build and toss snowballs snow friends.

There will likewise be a Winter Celebration chained public event where you can summon and defeat Famines, the Cravings. Other material in this update consists of several new pets: the Stripe tail Cub, Stunning Stripe tail, and Royal Scarab, and enhancements to the new gamer experience.


Presently up for testing on the PTR, The complete upgrade is set to be released around the 21st or 22nd of December. The winter festival world occasion will start when the patch is live, and it will just be around for 3 weeks, so if you want to complete anything in the event you have a limited time to do so.

As you fast travel around the map you’ll be able to see the decors all around and also winter spirits around the zones. While some other video games have had similar winter features and events, doing this in VR will be something various.

It’s been a bit considering that there was an update for Zenith: The Last City, however Ramen VR is getting ready for its next upgrade, thought about a minor patch 1.2.1, Winter Celebration.

Those experience modifications include reducing total difficulty in the Bloom Village location and upgrading the very first Fractured Plains mission to not need gliding. Another modification is controller-oriented locomotion as an option so that it will utilize the direction of your hand instead of your head to smooth out mobility experiences. There will likewise be something to assist swap the stick inputs for left-handed users, a feature that has been requested in Zenith.