Of all the Final Fantasy weapons, only a few are the same cult as Buster Sword Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.


However, at the beginning of the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you will find this weapon in the hands of Angela.

This may make you ask you whether you can use Buster’s sword in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core (be careful, after that there will be plot spoilers).

How to get a Buster Sword in Crisis Core?

Although you can get a Buster Sword at Final Fantasy VII, you will not get it until about the middle of the game.
As soon as you defeat the sore throat at the end of Chapter 5on, will pass the sword of Baster Oak, who will keep the sword in honor of his friend.
As soon as you earn Buster Sword, you can use it in battle from this moment.
Buster Sword is stronger than the previous weapon of Oak, and also has an additional rack that it can accept.
This allows him to defend himself during the attack and perform strong attacks.
Buster Sword also has a qualification level, which was not enough for the previous sword that used ZA.
These incentives encourage you to use Buster Sword.
But regardless of whether this was in the game, Buster Sword is a cult weapon that any fan of Final Fantasy recognizes.
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