The article is about the US cinema charts and how this year has been a tough one for the box office. The one movie that’s managed to make it onto the top 20 list of films released in theaters this year is Avengers: Endgame.

The film year 2022 is slowly but certainly approaching its end.
However, despite the fact that just a few weeks remain, there will be Avatar quickly.
The Method of Water A big highlight on the program.
Together with you, we desire to take an appearance at the existing situation in the US movie theater charts and clarify the concern of who will face the vehement attack by Avatar as the leader.

MCU declares the leading position

The Marvel blockbuster Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is still at the top.
Its weekly income has actually now dropped to just over eleven million dollars.
This is enough to stay in very first place on the US movie theater charts.
Even the action-packed Christmas movie Violent Night with David Harbor (Stranger Things) can not alter anything.
He was able to rinse $8.7 million into the coffers, which was consequently only enough for 2nd location.
In basic, not excessive has happened in the top 10 compared to the previous week, none of the deb utile could delve into the upper regions of the charts.
The drama Empire of Light, which was only recently introduced, just made it to 18th place.
Of course, we have actually summarized the current top 10 for you in a summary.
1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever-$ 11.1 million
2. Violent Night-8.7 million dollars
3. Weird World-3.6 million dollars
4. The menu-$ 2,7 million
5. Devotion $2,0 million
6. Black Adam-$ 1 million dollars
7. The Fablemans-$ 1 million dollars
8. I Heard the Bells $0.8 million
9. Spoiler Alert-$ 0.7 million dollars
10. Ticket to Paradise $0.6 million

the biggest movie theater blockbuster of the year on the march?

At the end of the year, the cinema fans have a little huge one: During the course of this week, Avatar: The Way of Water is a severe prospect for the award as a film of the year in movie theaters.

It can be strongly assumed that the sinful-expensive project by director James Cameron will conquer the US cinema charts in the storm and sweep Black Panther 2 off the throne.


However, it stays to be seen whether it is eventually enough to exceed the very successful predecessor.
Source: Box Office Mojo
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