There are many reasons why GTA Online is still as popular, even if it’s not the latest edition of the game. We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should visit this online game and found out what makes it so special.


Because the release of GTA 6 is not prepared for a few more years, Rockstar Games continues to sustain the content of its GTA Online, still as popular practically ten years after its release.
That’s good, the Studio with a starred R is preparing a brand-new huge update, responding to the name of Los Santos Drug Wars.
It is released on December 13 and will take us from Blaine County to join Ron the worried and a new bunch of marginalized freshly landed in the area and ready to dominate the Los Santos psychotropic market.
As typical, we are going to be entitled to clashes as epic as they are balanced out, with in particular the existence of full hippies in the aces and very edgy cyclists.
Content level, Rockstar Games warns us that this update Los Santos Drug Wars will manage a new case, get their hands on brand-new lorries and objectives, however also to acquire enhancements and other surprises that will be exposed in
the next days.
We think of that a trailer will be published in the coming days, just prior to the release.