In Dwarf Fortress, your dwarves are not brainless farm laborers that will do whatever you say.
Sometimes they stop doing something for their own safety and preservation.
One of these items is mining.
If the dwarf is in touch with a warm or wet stone, it will stop digging, and you will receive a warning.
This is what these notifications mean and how to move on them.

The designation of the excavations is canceled: a raw stone was found.

If you see this notification, this means that the stone that you just got is located next to the source of water or under it.
Water will make all the materials around it wet in the area with one tile.

This will mean that you can prevent flooding or other damage to your fortress.
However, it can also irritate if you dig below the pond, rivers, stream, stream or other water source.


In this case, you can ignore it and continue.

The designation of excavations is canceled: Warm stone discovered

A warm stone is created when Magma is on the other side of the wall.
Like water, magma will heat all the surrounding materials in the area with one tile.
You will need to avoid warm stone so that the lava does not get into your fortress.
A warm stone will also be under the magma, in an unlikely case, when you are under it.

Navigation Notes on Wet and Warm Stone

Keep in mind that magma and water will not make the stone moist or warm above their position, so you will not know whether you are directly on the surface of water or magma.
You can get a piece that was canceled by simply reassigning this area for production.
You can also disable notifications for these warnings in the settings.
This is useful for developing large areas under rivers and other water bodies.
However, for the sake of safety it is better to leave warnings on!
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