At MediaMarkt and Saturn you can pre-order the PlayStation 5 Disc Edition in Package with FIFA 23 as a download code.
The plan costs EUR 619 for both dealers, which corresponds to the existing non-binding price recommendation for such packages.
It will take a while prior to you get the PS5, since it will only be provided from January 31, 2023. Here you come to the Bundles:
PS5 Disc Edition + FIFA 23 for EUR 619 in the media market
PS5 Disc Edition + FIFA 23 for EUR 619 in Saturn
A few days ago there was likewise the PS5 Disc Edition in the bundle with God of War Ragnarök for EUR 619, the package could be ordered for more than a day.
We for that reason presume that the FIFA-23 package that began today can likewise be pre-ordered for a minimum of a couple of hours.
At Amazon, you can even pre-order the package with God of War Ragnarök and the PS5 Disc Edition.
Here you can discover it:
PS5 Disc Edition + God of War Ragnarök for EUR 619 at Amazon
The bundle with FIFA 23, on the other hand, is currently not offered at Amazon.
Nevertheless, we could well picture that it will start here in a couple of days.
Amazon was likewise on the package with God of War Ragnarök a couple of days behind the other dealerships.
In any case, the item page currently exists:
PS5 Disc Edition + FIFA 23 at Amazon (not yet available).
If you can do without a DISC drive and are searching for the PS5 Digital Edition rather, you can pre-order them together with God of War Ragnarök, especially from numerous dealerships.


You can discover more here:.

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Buy PS5: Pre-order digital edition with God of War Ragnarök now.
In basic, PS5 consoles are much easier to pre-ordered and no longer offered out within a couple of minutes, as was the case a few months earlier.
You have to wait awhile till shipment and also purchase a game with, because the console is nearly no longer readily available separately from big dealers.
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