Today, large companies receive wholesale demands, either for certain fraud, hacks that affect their users and even deceptive advertising. The latter has happened to Google, since some areas of the United States require them to pay $9.4 million in sanctions for having advertising from Pixel 4.


This is because the company sponsored certain influencers, when in the end none of them had the ph1. The report comes through Tech sport, where it is mentioned that Google and iHeartMedia will have to pay money for deceptive advertising. Since the payment made to the influencers for making the promotion did not reach their hands, in addition, they were given prefabricated scripts with almost only virtues of the device.

The worst, is that in commercials praise the product in an excessive way, but never show that they have it, so that the company would have forced them to tell lies. For the Federal Trade Commission of the United States it is a kind of offense, after all it is a device that was never tested by Internet users.

Given this, Google said they are willing to assume responsibility for what is happening, so they will surely have to pay those almost 10 million dollars to compensate. Although with the recent profits of the company, it may be a small scratch to pay.