A zilot-producer is a close battle class at Warhammer 40k Dark tide, which will participate in many close battles and rush to enemies. This is a strong class, but still you need to work on some things, such as endurance, to create a reliable build for close combat, which will be viable in all scenarios.

We prepared this leadership to fill in the place that Zealot lacks in Warhammer 40,000 Dark tide, and help you create the best assembly for pumping and end grading.

class Warhammer 40k Dark tide Zealot

Zilot-producer is a class of close combat with the retribution of the evil basic ability. This ability restores the strength of your second close combat attack by 25%.

Because of this, the second blow that you deal always inflicts critical damage to enemies. After that, the first iconic ability for this class is quick exorcism.


This ability increases the speed of attack in close combat by 10%so that you can quickly destroy enemies. The second iconic ability of this class is martyrdom.

This ability increases your damage to enemies by 5 when your health falls by 15. You can summarize it three times to increase the damage by 15.

The last iconic ability for this class is to death. This is a fantastic ability, because it can make you survive any attack within 5 seconds every 90 seconds.

The ability of the aura uses this class, the will of the emperor. This ability increases the decrease in endurance for you and your allies by 7.

This is complete information about the capabilities of the fanatic producer; Let’s talk about the weapons and skills that you need to make better pumping and endheim-bit.

Dark tide Zealot Best for pumping

The first and most important thing you will need for the best Zealot assembly is a weapon. You can choose the following best weapon for pumping and Anaheim Birds in Warhammer 40,000 Dark tide.

  • Main weapon: Thunder hammer Cruces Mk II
  • Secondary weapon: Artery MK III cleansing flamethrower

Thunder Hammer is the best main option that allows you to break goals. It has a high shock force that can cause damage to any goal in which it will fall.

This weapon is the king of near-combat, which can be easily shot in the head and destroy dangerous enemies. After that, for the secondary weapon slot, we have a purification flamethrower.

This is a flamethrower that can hit enemies at close range and at a short distance. This weapon is enough to tear off all enemies within reach.

If you are in a situation where you need to cope with many enemies, this is the best weapon for you to do it quickly. As for the exploits, below you will find the best feats for pumping a fanatic.

  • Cleansing with blood (level 5)
  • Bloodletting (level 10)
  • Blessing (level 15)
  • Vera restores everything (level 20)
  • Growing conviction (level 25)
  • Get rid of the wicked (30th level)

At level 5, the first skill that we choose for pumping is the purification in the blood. It replenishes 100% more resistance when killing enemies in hand-to-hand fights.

After that, select bloodletting at 10 levels. With this skill, the chances of dealing a critical blow in close combat increase by 10%if you get on the bleeding enemies.

At level 15, a blessing will give a 15% decrease in damage from endurance to you and the allies in consistency. After that, when you reach the level 20, faith in restore all this feat you should choose.

This will allow you to restore 25% of health that you have lost in the last 5 seconds. This will increase your survival. When you get to level 25, a growing conviction is a feat to choose.

This will increase your damage by 4% by 5 seconds. You can even fold it five times to apply 20% more damage when hit.

Finally, when you reach the level 30, to clear the wicked is the feat that you must choose. With this ability, the main ability of the Pilot class will have two charges.

Pilot Best Anaheim Build

The weapon for this assembly is the same as for pumping, therefore, without wasting time, let’s immediately move on to the exploits that you must choose to make an assembly for OP-endshpil.

  • Enemies inside, enemies outside (level 5)
  • Punishment (level 10)
  • Blessing (level 15)
  • Your anger will be rapid (level 20)
  • Read the martyr (level 25)
  • CAMES of death (level 30)

The first skill that we use for this assembly will give us additional strength by 7.5%, when there is an enemy around us in a radius of 8 meters.

This means that when you are next to the enemies, you get more strength for applying additional damage. The second skill that we choose for this class is punishment.

When using this ability, you will apply 10% more damage if you get into three or more enemies. You can even fold it three times to apply 30% more damage.

The third skill that we choose for the best Endheim-Build Zealot is a blessing. We choose it because it will be extremely well combined with the will of the emperor’s ability to increase damage from endurance by 21%.

The skill of the 20th level that we chose for this assembly, your anger will be quick. This will prevent stunning from enemy attacks in close combat and increase your movement speed by 30% by 2 seconds.

Therefore, even if you have little health, this ability will help you quickly move to a safe place and find a way to improve your health. The next feat we choose is to read the martyr.

This ability goes well with the legendary martyrdom and increases its maximum stack by 6. Now you can apply 30% more damage to destroy the enemy.

Calling death is the last feat for the final assembly. This will reduce the time of reloading the main ability of the fanatical Punishment of villains by 1.5 seconds after critical strokes in close combat.

Together, these exploits and weapons make up a fantastic assembly of a fanatic for the endguspile in Warhammer 40k Dark tide.