Neo wiz announced on the 28th that it has released a second trailer video of Mobile RPG Brown dust 2, which is being developed by Games N on the official teaser site.

Brown Dust 2, which is expected to be released next year, is the official sequel to the turn-based RPG Brownsstust. The game is a mobile work based on high-end 2D graphics, and the various events and adventures in the fantastic fantasy background of imagination are emphasized as fun factors.

Through this video, three character packs inspired by the console game pack were released. The video shows the IF story by character that applies the multi-universe worldview, providing another fun than the existing main story in the fantasy background.


In addition, you can see the scenes that cross different time and space for each character pack, such as high school fantasy, post Apocalypse, spy & action concepts. The characters of characters, costumes and story items, centered on four core characters (USTA, Later, Era, Gray), were also released.

In addition, existing characters from Brown Dust, such as Emma, Leslie, and Else, also appeared in a new concept and costume in the trailer video.

Neo wiz will hold a variety of events including cheering comments on official channels such as Brown Dust 2 Game Lounge and YouTube to commemorate the release of the second trailer video.

Neo wiz, meanwhile, opened the official teaser site of Brown Dust 2 on October 28. Through this, it was the first to show the trailer video of the game information and the characters who played the background of the animation style and the field.