World Cup and Black Friday material has actually taken control of FIFA 23 Ultimate Group, swamping us with new challenges!

The Flying Dutchman. Check this out

  • Minimum one Toolbox player.
  • Minimum one TOW or FUT Champions player.


  • Minimum 83 Squad Ranking.

Robin van Persia (OR 90).

The Fantastic Gunner.

  • Precisely 11 Rare players.
  • Precisely Bronze gamers.

Reward-1 x 2 Uncommon Gold Players Pack.

Increasing Star.

  • Exactly 11 Uncommon gamers.
  • Precisely Silver gamers.

Reward-1 x Two Rare Gold Players Pack.

SBC Requirements.

You can now get your hands on Robin van Persia’s World Cup Icon card via SBC, so discover out the least expensive method to open it in FUT 23 below.

  • Minimum one Netherlands player.
  • Minimum 84 Team Score.

Reward-1 x Premium Gold Load.

Born Legend.

There are 6 squads needed to send to open the 90-rated card, with the requirements as follows:.

Start Date: Friday, 25 November.

Expiry Date: Saturday, 24 December.

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Reward-1 x Small Gold Gamers Load.

86-Rated Squad.

  • Minimum 86 Team Rating.

Reward-1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.

87-Rated Squad.

The Fantastic Gunner.

Increasing Star.

Reward-1 x Rare Plectrum Players Load.

You can use the following players to complete the World Cup Icon Robin van Persia SBS:.

  • Minimum 87 Squad Rating.

Born Legend.


Approximated Cost-332,550 coins.

The Flying Dutchman.

86-Rated Team.

87-Rated Squad.

This is simply one of lots of services that can be found by utilizing the easy SBC AI. To get your own option, go try it out at