Jiggly puff has always been a popular Pok√©mon in the Pokemon series. Even before becoming a playable fighter at Super Smash Bros. So if you want to add it to your team and develop it. That’s all you need to know about how to turn Jiggly puff into Wigglytuff into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to get Wigglytuff in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To turn Jiggly puff into Wigglytuff into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you must find a lunar st1. You cannot develop Jiggly buff, gaining experience and reaching a certain level. To find a lunar stone, you cannot buy it in the Deli bird Presents store, like other evolutionary stones, such as leaf st1. Instead, you need to scour Pale on the ground and collect brilliant points. The best place to find it is Assad’s desert.

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Go to the Assad desert and collect all the brilliant points on the sand. After some time, together with a large amount of soft sand, you will ultimately get a lunar stone.

As soon as the lunar stone is obtained, make sure that the jiggly puff is in your group, click X to open the main menu, and select the bag. Go to the tab with a candy icon called other objects and scroll this list down until you see the moonst1. Click a to open another menu, and select Use this element. Now choose Jiggly puff to turn it into Wigglytuff. You can develop Jiggly puff at any time, as you can remember old movements when you want.


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