Pokémon Scarlet and Wales continue to leave some objects and Pokémon exclusive for a particular version. In Pokemon Violet, you can exchange NPC in Zapping for a unique item, Malicious Armor, which will allow you to turn Char cadet into Rutledge. This is where to find NPC and how to get it.

where to get evil armor in Pokemon Violet

The NPC, which you are looking for, can be found almost right in the center of the ODAPI. See the exact location on the map above. In exchange for evil armor, the NPC will ask you to exchange it 10 sinister chips. Sinister Chips is craft materials that can be found in battles with Sinister.

Sinister is a rarer Pokemon, but it is convenient to find it next to Zapping. They are very small and swim. You must carefully monitor them to find them. The screenshot above shows that we found him next to yellow trucks. If you have a sufficiently strong Pokémon, using the Lets GO mode will be more effective for the Sinister Chips farm.


If you have Pokemon Scarlet, not all hopes are lost. You can easily exchange either evil armor or favorable armor with a friend. Let any Pokémon, except Charade, holds the armor and exchange this Pokémon to send the armor to the opposite version.

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