This Friday (18), happened the stage that precedes the final of the Valorant Champions Tour: Game Changers, the first female world of Riot Games FPS.

Team Liquid’s azilian line-up, which was playing the first place in the large final of the tournament, lost the 2-0 series to the G2 Dozen European. Thus, TL can seek a second chance through the lower key final, which will take place this Saturday, 19, from 12h (asília time).

At a press conference after the end of the series, Team Liquid players were still confident for the next match players commented that they are happy to be able to change the ‘underdog’ view that the foreign scenario apparently had from the azilian team.

When asked about the international experience, the players agreed that the feeling is of accomplishment and that although the tournament is not over yet, it has reached the position of third-best female team in the world already represents a completed dream.

very intense routines

In addition to international use, player Ana Beatriz Navy criticized the current format of the tournament, opting that two straight series is a stressful experience, which may end up impairing the performance of the team that goes through this situation.

In this line of thought, player Died commented on the clash between the teams Shopify Rebellion and Cloud9 White: The loser of this duel will also face two consecutive series by the last against TL. The player commented that if the series is very disputed, it is likely that the players are not with their maximum performance at the end of the day, which may favor the azilian team.

Competitively, the player NAT1 stressed that the team is not used to all the game styles aoad, and quoted the FENNEL team as an example of ‘Play Style’ different from what is seen in azil.

Finally, the players commented that they were not surprised by the game presented by the rivals of G2. In his visions, the series was lost due to specific errors by azilian women, and Died opined that the defeat was ‘in detail’: If I had changed one thing or another, I believe the result could have been different. This shows that we do have the ability to beat them, concluded the player.

Second chance

To try a possible return to the World Cup main key, Team Liquid will face, on Saturday (19), the loser of the clash between Shopify Rebellions and Cloud9 White, which is also scheduled for Saturday.

azilian women return to the server from 15h (asília time).