Pokémon Join is available on the Nintendo Change and mobile phones as a free-to-play game.

The next two Pokémon pertaining to Pokémon Join, a minimum of according to data mines, are Shift and Catapult. Both Pokémon hail from the Gala region, with Shift being a Legendary Pokémon and Catapult being a pseudo-legendary in the vein of Dragon ite. More information about both Pokémon are expected to be released soon.


Sadly, Sable ye is just offered to gamers who pay 575 Gems, which costs real-world money to acquire. There is currently no other method to obtain Sable ye, although the Pokémon will be readily available for coins at a later date.

The popular MOBA-style game has included Sable ye as its latest Pokémon, including a new Supporter-type Pokémon to its roster. Sable ye’s other attacks consist of Knock Off, which stuns opponents and causes them to drop Amos Energy, and Confuse Ray, which deals damage and puzzles an enemy Pokémon. Any Pokémon puzzled by Confuse Ray will target ally Pokémon initially, followed by Wild Pokémon, and then enemy Pokémon.

Sable ye can likewise require enemies to recall back to their base with its Unite Move Phantom Ambush, which can interrupt a team’s strategies when used well.