Crusher, to confirm the rumors, will be the new Fanatic coach for next year in the LEC, so far as normal. However, many of the leaks that happen on a day-to-day basis, especially in this League of Legends signing market, are sometimes not true or have inaccuracies.


In this case it happened with LEC Woo loo and Fanatic . In the secondary account of the sheep, he put additional information about one of the clauses that the Portuguese coach had in the contract, which this year if he remained in the FANATIC organization, they would automatically upload to the LEC, and that of not doing, so he would receive a compensation for it.

Javier Zara , director of the two sections of Fanatic of League of Legends, came to the passage of this information, denying it completely and commenting to stop fooling the audience with information of this style. A few minutes later, Woo loo rectified the same, giving the reason to Spanish and eliminating that information

Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter

Despite and very trust the information he handled, the sheep took a step back and rectified: Crusher has a clause in his contract that gave him the option of becoming a free agent in this signing market if he was not promoted to the first team of Fanatic that competes in the LEC. This means that the option to train the academy was still possible. So my way of writing this information was incorrect.

After the rectification, Dario responded again, in a more conciliatory tone and in the line in which Jose Giants did days ago, after commenting that Giants struck the Astral is Square: Do not believe everything you read in the Social networks. It is very frustrating to fight rumors or information that are not true and most of the time I just tried not to pay attention. This time I did it and at least I’m glad that Woo loo has corrected it.

If the rumors emerged throughout this brief period of signing market, Fanatic would have a quintet formed by Under, Razor, Humanoid, Reckless and Chuck , and these would be directed by the aforementioned crusher, which would make the jump to the LEC after two quite interesting seasons in CAM and FANATIC TQ.