God of War Ragnarök is the most current, potentially most effective success by Santa Monica Workshop. A necessary element for the production of guards medium-sized degree in God of War Ragnarök is sharpened metal, so it is important to recognize where you require looking for if you require it.

in God of War Ragnarök you get fined sand steel: where you have to browse

The latter alternative costs 2500 hack silver as well as brings you bundle of 5 REFINED METAL, which make a big contribution to the tool upgrade protection of specific shields. The Guardian, the rock wall surface as well as the Shatter Celebrity all advantage from it as well as usually call for either 3 or 6 REFINED STEEL, to upgrade depending on the level.

When can you acquire fined sand metal from the Ultra brothers?

After completion of Creatures of Prediction, the 13th mission in the Course, the major mission of the video game, you can get this craft product from the siblings. Below the fast collecting of hack silver will prove to be valuable. You have to invest a good part of the game prior to you obtain this type of access to the material, yet it is a good choice if you don’t catch the red upper bodies or barrels. Get a supply, due to the fact that guards are an important device to endure in combat, particularly with difficult enemies or enemies who are tough to go on the offensive.

  • This post was updated on November 10, 2022