Travis Kimmel , the protagonist actor of the successful series Vikings and also had a prominent role in the canceled science fiction series Raised by Wolves , will continue to bet on HBO MAX After confirming its signing for one of the most ambitious adaptations of the Warner Bros. Platform so much so, that Kimmel will be part of the distribution of the next series Dune: The Sisterhood , a new production that emerged from the successful Dune movie of 2021 by Denis Villeneuve.

Travis Kimmel arrives at the Dune Universe

Thus, the series is currently in full filming in Budapest (Hungary), so Travis Kimmel will soon join production to play a soldier named Desmond Hart , whose mysterious pt will be key to winning the Emperor’s trust. Recall that Kimmel already h experience in productions relevant Vikings , That Dirty Black Bag O Raised by Wolves In the field of series, in addition to films such Warcraft: The origin (2016) or Looking for Steve McQueen (2019).

The ct of Dune: The Sisterhood is completed with names such Emily Watson V things Harmonies, Shirley Henderson Tulsa Harmonies, Indira Karma Empress Natalya, Sarah-Sofie Bosnia Princess Inez, Chloe Lea Lila, Galilean Cunningham Like Jen, AĆ­fe Hinds Emeline and Shalom Brune-Franklin Like Mikaela.

Dune: The Sisterhood , set 10,000 years before the events of the Dune movie, tells us the story of the sisters Harmonies in their fight against the forces that threaten the future of humanity, in addition to presenting The origins of the Been Dessert Order. Dan Demijohn is the showrunner, screenwriter and co-producer, while Johan French (Chernobyl, Breaking Bad) will direct the pilot episode and will also produce the show.

The new series Dune: The Sisterhood For now it h no relee date, although it is likely to arrive around the premiere date of the film sequel, scheduled for November 2023.