Not all new is always better than old, but sometimes it is.

But what is the situation for _new Tales from the Borderlands? The title with a prefix referring to the novelty does many things right, but unfortunately there have been a few things that lower the atmosphere like a cow tail.

Below this subtitle is a hip fox

Tales from the Borderlands, released in 2014, developed Telltale Games, who made straight pearls in the field of graphic adventure games. The Studio CV includes, among other things, games The Walking Dead with many episodes, the wolf among us and batman: The Telltale Series. The first tales from the Borderlands received praise on our site twice, first in 2015 and then in early 2021.

New Tales from the Borderlands is handmade by different developers. This time, the issue has been the Gearbox Software, which has worked on borderlands-, although the first adventure members have cooperated in creating a new story. The output is also reportedly worked on during the corona and largely remotely.

The whole main character cameras in the pile

Although it is a different author team than in the previous section, it is really the same as before. The title of the New Benefit manifests the previous part of the interface, the atmosphere, and especially its humor.

Otherwise, the previous part is not forced to feel this new. Of course, there are some borderlands references.

Gaming consists largely of choices and reaction tests. The most common thing is to decide what the character is saying or how to respond to the four options on the screen. Is it defiant to the gunman, does the situation be humorous or frightened so that the fluids flow into pants?

You can decide to say the Octavio saying the button by pressing the button

In more functional situations, the player’s job is to twist the analogical in the desired direction or press a specific button or key combination according to the instructions on the screen. If you react fast enough, the character manages to avoid enemy creature or squeeze the ice cream dose to the customer.

It’s a bit like the story books where you could decide what the main character does by turning a certain page into sight. In the style, Do you want Kama to make her hips in front of an irritable police chief in front of her nose? Go to page 64. If again, if you want Marjukka-Einari to circulate in raspberry jam, turn to page 194.

mini-games are entertaining with KBA

New Tales starring three new characters. There is a socially clumsy scientist And, an easy-to-guide street information expert Octavio and a frozen yogurt selling from his nutrition movement.

Only the L0U13 melon (Louie), built for killing, is included in the trip, which is responsible for most of the humor with its inability to understand sarcasm, language, convection. The new trio is excellent, though not quite as functional as the first part of the character.

L0u13 speaks with familiar words

Like the earlier story, the newcomer is also divided into episodes, five, at the end of which sees statistics on how their own choices are compared to other players. There are also scenes with music, intermediate videos, as in the previous part, but this time the music choices did not work at all.

The actual puzzles, brain nuts, are not included. Making choices and reaction tests are the salt and pepper of the job.

The most gaming points are rarely experienced scenes, where one can control one of the main characters as this balloon in small playgrounds. These patterns explore the things around the environment and raise money from garbage to safe.

With Vault lander figures, the battle is nice looking but boring

Two small more in the form of mini-games have been surrounded. The less frequently experienced of them is the hacking of Octavio, which is a simple button pressure that is so completely boring and useless that these situations can be directly passed by one touch of a button. They bring nothing more to the game, so the bypass lane is needed. However, these situations are only small scenes of about a minute.

On the other hand, a slightly bigger mini-game is fighting for Vault lander figures. Along the way, you can find small figures that perform familiar characters from Vasquez to Maya. These characters then bring together with opponents about once per episode.

New tales from the borderlands is a great game


Unfortunately, this mini-game is a completely useless addition. The battles consist of the avoidance of a few attacks on the other by twisting analogical in the direction shown on the screen and then from the severe pressing of the attack button. Boring and too easy, because I didn’t get any hits from the counterparty’s characters throughout the game. There are no larger game mechanics, a couple of Latin knuckles and one button crawling. Exciting.

brother l0u13, l0u13, l0u13

Fortunately, things outside the mini-games are mostly in order. The first four episodes are reasonably widespread entertainment, although in a particular location, there is a little too much rotation. However, some plot twists are so stupid that they hope to get past and move forward quickly.

Going is a bit stupid, in the absence of a better word. Particularly in life-threatening situations, the actual sense of danger is gone when the characters are able to hang out with each other no matter how and long, even to dance and run around the bucket, doing the same misleading movements. As if all the activities stop by the heroes or jam. There are also some problems with the rhythm, especially in the final half.

Here you have to press the B button to make the And on the right to survive

But by the way, it’s about something in the patterns! Humor is sometimes functional because I found myself smiling out loud more times, but there is little straightforward sting. However, references to other forms of entertainment and games are plentiful and side characters are whimsical.

The latter category includes, among other things, a dumbbell in the Vault lander figures and a machine fire weapon with artificial intelligence and some sort of limbs. Very Borderlandsmans. And L0U13 is a great character.

Unfortunately, the last episode is a bit weaker than the first four, as self-examination is used too long, and the same lack of danger again raises its head properly with the contract. This song should have pruned unnecessary fascination.

The whole story can be experienced for less than ten hours. There are also nine different solutions, so those who want to experience and see everything should return to the adventure.

Looks like, downright Lowlander

Externally, the game is qualified, although as the scenes change, the textures on all surfaces are not yet right. They always appear with a delay of about a second. Small thing, but worth mentioning. Otherwise, everything seems to be borderlands-style from the characters’ appearance to the world itself.

All the dialogue is sounded and even quite well. For each character, some perfect voice actors have been found, especially the main trio, and especially the L0U13 pellets are the most excellent. Except one acquaintance encountered in the early stages of the trip, there was no greater knock on the lip bun.

Fran is a rushed customer service representative

In the beginning, the music side gave a great picture of itself, but then the tunes lost only everything else without leaving any sort of memory of themselves. Welcome background music, but at least not one of the passes. Of course, the so-called previously mentioned are listened to. Intermediate videos were played by artists borrowed that were not to my liking.

In the old spare boat pour

New Tales from the borderlands is a great game, but not just a great 1. It is happy to experience it once, but at least I don’t want to go back to it to collect missing Vault lander characters or experience all the final shows.

If you would like to play either Tales, I would turn to my first adventure myself. It entertained relatively more. But even the novelty is not bad. Recommended for lovers of graphic adventures and borderlands. For others, it is likely to remain in the feet of other publications.

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