At VFR Allen, Gelati led the TSG to victory in the 52nd minute. The Ostalstadt were a solid challenger, Brescia fell short with a charge on Poll, Sat shot one meter in front of the objective Poll as well as in added time a shot of the open VFR goalkeeper Witty just flew over it.

FC 08 Homburg, nevertheless, guest the troubles from Trier. In the preliminary, Trier rubbed, Homburg was missing out on. In the 52nd minute it dropped 1-0 for the underdog. The last of numerous crossings got rid of the FCH also careless, Roth netted with a tight shot. The Salamanders were able to count on Gisele once more, who headed a half field flank from Steinmetz to 1-1 in the 77th minute. After that, Trier was closer to the threesome, yet a shot from Pinscher leapt back from the internal blog post in the 84th min, to make sure that it continued to be with the draw.

The battle of the table neighbors in Offenbach, where the local twists obtained the second agent of FSV Mainz 05. The OF definitely needed a success to be able to identify the top place in the table at the very least significantly on the horizon. And also this printing situation was also attended the Offenbach, because they right away establish themselves on the offensive. A solid grinding in the Mainz goal was an impenetrable bulwark for a long time. In the front, the Chanhassen revealed freezing chilly, in the 38th minute Minus Castle a counterattack on the long post for the rather complementary scenic tour of the guests. Offenbach quit new courage during the break as well as rewarded himself in the 53rd min for his offensive spirit: a cross from Marco’s Rail protected Rail before the feet of Wanner, who was able to push in easily. Since of the currently pointed out table constellation and also kept the stress upright, the Paratan-Elf wanted to of training course much more. The Mainz goalkeeper then maintained his group back in the game with good activities if Rail did not look excellent at the equilibrium. In included time, Garcia began with the fine location boundary to Schooner, once again the guest caretaker dipped into the edge. Therefore, the Mainz U 23 left the Bitterer Berg with a point in the travel suitcase. For the OF anything yet acceptable, although the gap to the leaders Ulm has remained the same.

The SSV likewise had to be cautious, due to the fact that in the 43rd minute the Stuttgart all of a sudden drove a counterattack, Or tag came much from his box and cleared up. Likewise in the 80th minute when Chess took a round battery in the fine location and brought hazardously to the goal. In the last couple of mins the guests attempted every little thing once more, an Alistair battery rustled past the goal in included time, Glass conserved with another luster.

cellar duel in Freiberg

In the 35th minute Jones fouled Herrmann in the charge location, Epic placed the fine level in the corner. In minute 62, a handball was the reason of Epic for the 2nd time that afternoon the ball was enabled to exist down to the penalty. When David racked up in front of BSC keeper Gang in the 86th minute, the division of factors was obvious.

The promoted SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz is a growing number of ensuring that the topic of descent can soon be erased by the agenda. In the Hessian battle with FSV Frankfurt, the previous 2nd division supported in the initial min. After precisely eleven seconds, Peters fired. The SGB instantly changed to assault, which resulted in payment by Anime in the 9th minute. There were no more hits up to the 86th minute, which expressly did not suggest that the game was now monotonous. On the contrary, opportunities as well as over there supplied excellent enjoyment. Scarf, the final offensive of the Bodenheimer, came to be the match champion.

In the basement, the focus got on the conference of the SGV Freiberg with Roadway Koblenz. The Koblenz trained by Oliver Rock placed the worst defensive in the league. As a result, the secret weapon was at the Weyden and also the males from the German edge did so well that after 90 mins there was a 0-0.


Sarmatia Worms, on the various other hand, slipped to 14th location, which, relying on the number of third division transfers, might imply the fall under the top department in the most awful case. Kuhn racked up the objective for TSG Balingen in the 28th minute. His ball defeated from the half field in the penalty area entered into the net by friend and also enemy. In the 2nd round, Worms established some encouraging possibilities, but the equalization airborne no much longer dropped.

Gala evening by Staubach Hanger

After the break, the visitors were able to secure the rate, yet still had the more unsafe scenes, although no longer in the awesome variety of strikes of the first half. Further pleasurable news for the visitors: Forte returned after one and also a half month of injury, it was replaced in the 70th minute as well as avoided the goal in the 84th min at the last moment. Staubach made two directing turns on it half a load, the replacement Breitfelder nodded a well-timed flank with no effort, the last score.

In the 3rd minute, a deflected shot from Studio landed on the net, a measure to gauge. First went much more fretwork in the 20th minute to function, which offered a flat pass from The with his hoe into the web. They seemed to be able to be successful that night: in the 40th minute, a First corner round went directly right into the objective.

Additionally, in the 80th minute when Chess took a ball battery in the charge location as well as brought hazardously to the objective. In the last couple of mins the guests attempted every little thing again, an Alistair battery rustled past the objective in added time, Glass conserved with an additional sparkle. Kuhn racked up the goal for TSG Balingen in the 28th minute. They appeared to be able to do well that evening: in the 40th minute, a First edge round went straight into the objective. Further pleasant news for the guests: Forte returned after one and also a half month of injury, it was replaced in the 70th min as well as prevented the objective in the 84th minute at the last moment.