Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 opens possibilities for players to complete various achievements, such as getting all primary, secondary weapons, advantages and more. As if that were not enough, you can also gain enough experience until you get a golden skin , which indicates that you have skills with it… but if someone has already done it with all the weapons in the game ?

51 Golden Weapons in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has 51 weapons in all, telling the primary and secondary. Of course this can (and will) change over time, especially with the arrival of the first season and War zone 2.0 , at 16 November 2022 .

However, this is not something that seems to summon players, who are already getting their rewards as soon as possible. A golden weapon is a symbol of skill, but when someone conquers them all in a short time is really a remarkable feat.

Reid boy , a Call of Duty streamer, got the feat on October 31, just three days after the FPS release. To prove his achievement he took a print from each of his weapons and the date of his achievements.

Modern Warfare 2 Is it too easy?

The conquest of Reid boy opened the discussion among the players, as the idea of winning all weapons is seemingly simpler than in previous titles, but the streamer already had over 115 hours of play when he got the feat, which Proof that it is not that easy .

There are still more challenges and radio has already made it clear that the next step is to win the platinum version of each weapon and will not stop there, since still remains the unlocking of Orion which is the skin of Hard and coveted weapon by players.