After a week of rest the competitors of Copy SUR are ready to seek victory in this regional tournament that brings a great level, with new squads that are being added for this edition we see interesting surprises, but veteran teams do not want to allow it, now It is time to see Apish Team against Furious Gaming in a series to the best of three that defines who will advance to the semifinals.

Starting in Chalet we would have considerable pressure from the first rounds where the skull team took control of the map, without letting the rivals the response of the Argentine team, it was noted to keep the opponents on the margin Thanks to Panchito that gave rapid casualties for his squad and ended up uncoordinated to the rival squad to take the first point.

Then in Banco the situation seemed quite similar to what had been lived within the previous contest, a small reaction from Apish was present to not leave its score in 0, but the overwhelming force of the skull would be more dangerous with A Guards that did an incredible job to be able to advance in each round and to finalize the game in favor of the skull.


Thus ended on the three of the South Cup where only the power of Furious Gaming came out to be able to take an almost perfect victory against Apish, noticing his domain of the encounter things seem favorable on their way to the next stage of the stage of the Tournament where they will now have to face the shark team that has also given great clashes to reach the semifinal of the following date, without a doubt the next duel of both squads will be one of the most colorful due to how they have been playing during the tournament.