Iceland developer CCP Games announced that it will launch its space-based expansion pack: uprising on November 8th.


Players will be able to control 16 new naval ships and trim them again. Each empire will receive new freeze, Battle Cruise, Destroyer, and Dread Note, and will grow by providing players with more battle and exploration opportunities. You can get a glimpse of the new ships introduced in the trailer released today.

‘Eve: Upsizing’ introduces new content and features with numerous graphics and performance improvements. With the Faction War-related update, the battle will be more intense than ever, and the new forward base allows you to engage with other factions. The Faction War will evolve with the update, resulting in unexpected results.

In addition, as part of the Herald System, a customization system, the player can decorate the ship with colors and emblems that symbolize their Corporation and Alliance. The additional emblem is the initial function of the Heraldry System, which will add further customization functions such as Citadel Skin and Hologram.

More details related to uprising can be found in the Eve online website news.